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  1. Photo of Paul Mazursky

    Paul Mazursky Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Josh Greenfeld

    Josh Greenfeld Screenplay

  3. Photo of Art Carney

    Art Carney Cast

  4. Photo of René Enríquez

    René Enríquez Cast

  5. Photo of Herbert Berghof

    Herbert Berghof Cast

  6. Photo of Michael McCleery

    Michael McCleery Cast

  7. Photo of Avon Long

    Avon Long Cast

  8. Photo of Rashel Novikoff

    Rashel Novikoff Cast

  9. Photo of Phil Bruns

    Phil Bruns Cast

  10. Photo of Cliff De Young

    Cliff De Young Cast

  11. Photo of Josh Mostel

    Josh Mostel Cast

  12. Photo of Arthur Hunnicutt

    Arthur Hunnicutt Cast

  13. Photo of Geraldine Fitzgerald

    Geraldine Fitzgerald Cast

  14. Photo of Melanie Mayron

    Melanie Mayron Cast

  15. Photo of Ellen Burstyn

    Ellen Burstyn Cast

  16. Photo of Larry Hagman

    Larry Hagman Cast

  17. Photo of Chief Dan George

    Chief Dan George Cast

  18. Photo of Michael C. Butler

    Michael C. Butler Cinematography

  19. Photo of Bill Conti

    Bill Conti Music

  20. Photo of Richard Halsey

    Richard Halsey Editing