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  1. Photo of Michio Morioka

    Michio Morioka Producer

  2. Photo of Kyoko Obayashi

    Kyoko Obayashi Producer

  3. Photo of Hisashi Yamanaka

    Hisashi Yamanaka Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hiroshi Katsuno

    Hiroshi Katsuno Cast

  5. Photo of Hikari Ishida

    Hikari Ishida Cast

  6. Photo of Yôji Matsuda

    Yôji Matsuda Cast

  7. Photo of Toshinori Omi

    Toshinori Omi Cast

  8. Photo of Bengaru

    Bengaru Cast

  9. Photo of Toshie Negishi

    Toshie Negishi Cast

  10. Photo of Ittoku Kishibe

    Ittoku Kishibe Cast

  11. Photo of Tôru Minegishi

    Tôru Minegishi Cast

  12. Photo of Miyoko Akaza

    Miyoko Akaza Cast

  13. Photo of Shirô Sano

    Shirô Sano Cast

  14. Photo of Yumi Takigawa

    Yumi Takigawa Cast

  15. Photo of Yuriko Ishida

    Yuriko Ishida Cast

  16. Photo of Nobuhiko Obayashi

    Nobuhiko Obayashi Editing, Director Screenplay

  17. Photo of Joe Hisaishi

    Joe Hisaishi Music

  18. Photo of Shohei Hayashi

    Shohei Hayashi Sound