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  1. Photo of Lisa Takeba

    Lisa Takeba Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Aoi Nakamura

    Aoi Nakamura Cast

  3. Photo of Moeka Nozaki

    Moeka Nozaki Cast

  4. Photo of Fumiyo Kohinata

    Fumiyo Kohinata Cast

  5. Photo of Sayaka Aoki

    Sayaka Aoki Cast

  6. Photo of Takumi Saitô

    Takumi Saitô Cast

  7. Photo of Yumiko Takahashi

    Yumiko Takahashi Cast

  8. Photo of Shu G. Momose

    Shu G. Momose Cinematography

  9. Photo of Fujinaga Kentaro

    Fujinaga Kentaro Music

  10. Photo of Katagiri Mariko

    Katagiri Mariko Production Design

  11. Photo of Ono Satoshi

    Ono Satoshi Producer

  12. Photo of Yoshihiro Nishimura

    Yoshihiro Nishimura Editing

  13. Photo of Maiko Hayakawa

    Maiko Hayakawa Sound