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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Evan Schafer's rating of the film Hatchet III

    Okay, so not only do we have a totally new director on board, with Adam Green serving as only the writer and exec producer, but the film itself is lacking as the third installment. Sure, we have to wrap up the story of Victor Crowley, but at this point there's not much that we haven't seen in the previous two films. I liked that the police were finally brought in to handle the creature, but that's about all I liked.

  2. Graham Ball's rating of the film Hatchet III

    Gore, gore and more gore. What else could i have expected from a film called 'Hatchet 3'? Yes, there are two others that precede this one! Crazy, I know. God bless Netflix for allowing me to discover old skool slasher movies. Yes, I my taste have matured over the years but the kid who got into cinema over 30 years ago still loves horror...

  3. João R's rating of the film Hatchet III

    I actually despise this franchise but I have the impression that the story become more and more interesting and effective with each movie. I still despise them, though.

  4. Joshua's rating of the film Hatchet III

    Let me explain why this receives three stars rather than 1 or 2. I first watched Part I in 2007, and it was a breather from what other slashers were making their way into the world at that time. 2006 was the year of hyper slasher and horror output. So many awful films came out that year. Hatchet was at the very least gritty, if too comical and apparently made by a misfit 11 year old. Part II was a further dive.