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  1. Photo of Tapan Sinha

    Tapan Sinha Director

  2. Photo of Bhanu Bandopadhaya

    Bhanu Bandopadhaya Cast

  3. Photo of Ajitesh Bannerjee

    Ajitesh Bannerjee Cast

  4. Photo of Ashok Kumar

    Ashok Kumar Cast

  5. Photo of Vyjayanthimala

    Vyjayanthimala Cast

  6. Photo of Samit Bhanja

    Samit Bhanja Cast

  7. Photo of Samita Biswas

    Samita Biswas Cast

  8. Photo of Chhaya Devi

    Chhaya Devi Cast

  9. Photo of Partho Mukerjee

    Partho Mukerjee Cast

  10. Photo of Rudraprasad Sengupta

    Rudraprasad Sengupta Cast