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  1. Photo of Tobe Hooper

    Tobe Hooper Director

  2. Photo of Michael Levine

    Michael Levine Director

  3. Photo of Charles Braverman

    Charles Braverman Director

  4. Photo of Bruce Nash

    Bruce Nash Screenplay

  5. Photo of Allan Zullo

    Allan Zullo Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jared Rushton

    Jared Rushton Self

  7. Photo of Stacy Keach

    Stacy Keach Self

  8. Photo of Marianne Muellerleile

    Marianne Muellerleile Self

  9. Photo of Doren Fein

    Doren Fein Self

  10. Photo of Levie Isaacks

    Levie Isaacks Cinematography

  11. Photo of Nicholas Pike

    Nicholas Pike Music

  12. Photo of Nathan Wang

    Nathan Wang Music

  13. Photo of Fred Mollin

    Fred Mollin Music

  14. Photo of Gregory Melton

    Gregory Melton Production Design

  15. Photo of Ron Ziskin

    Ron Ziskin Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Shukri Ghalayini

    Shukri Ghalayini Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Jonathan Moser

    Jonathan Moser Editing