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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan's rating of the film Hawaii

    "But is anything actually going to happen between them in this film?" - Everyone

  2. aikeart's rating of the film Hawaii

    Full of passion, sensuality and erotism. The most difficult thing is the wish.

  3. Joaopa's rating of the film Hawaii

    um filme de silêncios e de olhares. pouco é dito, mas muito é mostrado, o que torna a tensão entre os dois personagens muito mais interessante. ao fim torcemos por eles. há identificação. a imagem dos dois abacaxis contraposta aos dois corpos na relva é de uma poesia bastante sutil.

  4. victorvinholis's rating of the film Hawaii

  5. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Hawaii

    With a pace that was not particularly involving, “Hawaii” relies in the mood created around the relationship. (2.5 stars)

  6. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Hawaii

    A lovely movie rife with tension; the tension of possibility, the tension of risk, the tension of allure, and tensions of class and opportunity.and power balance. All played out in gentle, understated ways, often without dialog; focusing on the faces of the actor, trusting the actors and the camera to capture and express what is unstated.

  7. Ali Ercivan's rating of the film Hawaii

    It's about the sexual tension between two quite handsome men / childhood friends who meet again after many years (one is a writer, the other is homeless now) aaaand... That's pretty much it. If you can ignore the awful use of music during the first ten minutes or so, it's a decent film, I guess.

  8. Victor Varela's rating of the film Hawaii

    Delicate movie. kinda spacey?... atmospheric... Manuel Vignau is amazing as he plays a more demure character then Marco's last film. The ending was a little half ass'ed for me. But it was a great movie over all!

  9. Antonis Karydas's rating of the film Hawaii

    Brilliant film! It managed to say so many things witth just few words!

  10. marcorenton's rating of the film Hawaii

    Taking a leak in the river and then asking to have a swim in that same water was pretty hilarious.

  11. oldeuboi's rating of the film Hawaii

    It's vibrant and colorful. But the fact that the film need only two character, and most of the time in quite states, make it rather amazing experience.

  12. margo's rating of the film Hawaii

    Excellent film ! Probably the best work of Marco Berger.