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  1. captainfez's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    *gets to cat-poisoning scene* *switches off* That's a solid yeah nah from me.

  2. Riddle, van, stellar's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    a brilliant little piece of cinema! Very typical story structure, but appended to strong deliveries in both technical and psychological aspect, to create an affecting outcome, 3.8

  3. Agg's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    That is a movie! Thanks Mubie for that!

  4. Rex Freeman's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    As ludicrous and cheesy as it is melodramatic and mawkishly, relentlessly sentimental, this can only be enjoyed if you're in the mood for the compulsion of amateurish soap opera. By the end the dialogue will have you laughing out loud, which probably isn't the intention. (NB: fans of Tom Tykwer will probably LOVE it).

  5. Carambotti's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    The feverish pace and atmosphere in this one is real. I watched it twice in a row, and can barely explain what this gem is.

  6. Jorge Villanova's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

  7. Fernando Arteaga Cabello's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Una película muy al estilo de Amores perros, varias historias que confluyen en cierto momento. Un final inesperado.

  8. Fabian's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Versión noruega de 'Amores Perros'. Buena, aunque forzada en la relación entre los personajes, y un Deus ex machina que sobra en la resolución de la historia de uno de los protagonistas.

  9. ardi's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    WOOOW Por fin, después de medio año de suscripción, veo una película q realmente me encantó.

  10. Sin título.'s rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Esperanza, un elemento importante que convierte los desarrollos personales fallidos en caminos sinuosos por los que el destino guía a los personajes de este filme. Por otra parte las abundantes coincidencias no aportan gran profundidad a los personajes pero sí logran mantener al espectador atento a lo que sucede. Autocastigo y autosabotaje. (20150116)

  11. Edgar Echeverría's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Demasiadas coincidencias lo vuelven muy forzado, pero el guión es estupendo, cada uno parece representar algo distinto en un enfoque místico acerca de la vida. Muy buena película.

  12. biranty's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Some reviewers found it simple and shallow. Simple is the point and as life, the story is interwoven...

  13. El Mau's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Esta caramba soñar cosas terribles y ver que se cumplan... como en "El Gran Pez", una de las historias que cuenta William Bloom... el entrecruzamiento de historias esta bien hecho, no tanto como en "Amores Perros", pero esta bien hecho... por ultimo, el sacrificio por el amigo, tomar su destino... Es increíble que la mayor parte del cine nórdico sea tan bueno...

  14. Erjon Deniro's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

  15. shimown's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    A beautiful and surprising story brilliantly rendered. A true gem of storytelling.

  16. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    I agree with the other reviewers on the film: slow, muddled, predictable, contrived. For me, I'm getting a little tired of the genre of mash-ups -- characters who have nothing in common who mystically intersect through some otherworldly, cosmic karma. It worked in Magnolia and Babel, but is very difficult to pull off. This films had good cinematic touches, using a prowling camera, but felt forced to fit that format.

  17. David R Williams's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    This fell flat for me. Trying to say something important without saying anything important...I appreciate the effort. I really do. I'm a huge fan of obscurity and obliqueness but it needs to be organic and not slathered on with a trowel.

  18. muse_x's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    A lil' on the chubby side. Nice try, though

  19. Loz Loory's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    This could easily have been edited down by 20 minutes; it still would have retained the excellent atmospheric tone and performances. The musical score was a perfect meld for the visuals. The guardian angel imagery (feathers, mirror design, etc.) were unnecessary. The plot showed the characters' motivations without need for overkill. Good to see a Scandinavian film set in summer instead of winter.

  20. Alexandra Michel's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Not bad, but not great either. I felt like it was a little heavy handed and slow. The characters were pretty 2-dimensional and the stories were very simple. I was hoping for something a little more interesting, but probably would have liked it much more as a 90 minute movie.

  21. mstrschld's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Three stars for the way it was filmed: lighting, photography, staging and action. Zero for the filmically illiterate denouement. He could have gotten to the same, rightful ending without violating filmic reality. Spoiler alert. Shows us one man killed by a vehicle, pans away and it's the other guy bloodied on the ground. What are we supposed to make of that? Infuriating!

  22. shiner's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    Honestly I watched this back in norway for my norwegian class so my memory and experience of this movie may not be the best; but it was all the worst kinds of ridiculous, and for the most part quite dry. However, similar to pulp fiction, while the plot and characters were dry and uninspiring the editing and order of events made it somewhat redeemable.

  23. l's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

    A fun Swedish comedy about the Angel of Death who is a Black girl and a weirdo Danish angel! Switzerland is so weird. (in all seriousness, how is this slow, though?)

  24. Max.Madrid's rating of the film Hawaii, Oslo

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