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  1. paul_quixote's rating of the film Haywire

    Top tier Soderbergh. I have a weakness for movies that give "technicians" of the human body, not actors, the spotlight. Love the feminine revenge narrative reduced to its most basic atomic makeup. Small but memorable roles for all the supporting players. Very cool music. Composition and colors are off the fucking chain. Also dug how certain thematic beats were so casually imbedded into this.

  2. samba direito's rating of the film Haywire

    ta assim... ironic (como sempre) e bem filmado

  3. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Haywire

    A mean, no-frills action movie that, thankfully, treats plot as almost a secondary concern.

  4. Ethan's rating of the film Haywire

    Soderbergh really knows how to put a great cast together and also casting people who fit with the reality of the material. Gina Carano is not the greatest of actresses but Soderbergh captures what is great about this lovely talent and brings it to life in this enthralling film.

  5. saitosouta's rating of the film Haywire

    Suddenly I think, is "Haywire" 2010's "Jeanne Dielman", isn't it? "Haywire" is not action movie but movie about action. Soderbergh intentionally gets rid of excitement action movie may have and we calmly observe Gina Carano's superb physicality like scrutinizing Dielman's day work in "Jeanne Dielman". Desolately raw view, but still remains inscrutable thrill perhaps occured with human body of work. Year, I'm serious.

  6. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Haywire

    Don't miss MMA star Gina Carano fighting Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum. She's a Lady !!!

  7. Thomas's rating of the film Haywire

    Good old reliable 'fists and wits' action thriller. There is an effectively filmed, distinctly tranquil and almost silent raid sequence; reminiscent of 'The Second Awakening of Christa Klages'.

  8. Klazina's rating of the film Haywire

  9. Ostermyers's rating of the film Haywire

    between blue of death and the yellow of gold there is this cold post-modernist world.

  10. Siavash Aliparast's rating of the film Haywire

    I love Soderbergh when he makes nuts and balls, straightforward genre movies

  11. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Haywire

    A great cast doesn't always make a good movie. Review and rating:

  12. terrastrana's rating of the film Haywire

  13. Sean's rating of the film Haywire

    Word of advice kids, never watch movies on a plane, I could not see this film,I could not tilt my screen so I could see it better because I had the row after first class so its mounted on a wall. I watched the whole damned thing anyway and all I can say is Soderbergh has great taste in music.

  14. dschank's rating of the film Haywire

    the best thing about this movie is that someone will inevitably make a non-artsy-fartsy gina carano vehicle that will deliver all the ass kicking that "haywire" forgets to provide. all the best scenes are in the trailer; the rest is a half-hearted "bourne" rip off. too low brow to achieve some sort of "meta" weirdness, and too high brow to be much fun.

  15. msmichel's rating of the film Haywire

    Soderbergh continues on his journey to make a film in every genre with this exciting action yarn showcasing Gina Carano. Technically up to par with Soderbergh's usual pedigree but perhaps a little weak on script. Fight choreography top notch especially the toe to toe fight with Fassbender and the unsettling violent opening opposite Channing Tattum. Quite quite enjoyable.

  16. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film Haywire

    Bare-bones plot (yet somehow I still didn't know what was going on most of the time), unique and enjoyable scoreless fight scenes, the performances are fine (although the lead isn't up to the standard of the professionals around her), and I like that there's some unusual choices made here, even when they don't work (like the drawn-out scene of Carano walking down the street while followed).

  17. Matthew Dekneef's rating of the film Haywire

    This movie wasn't that great. But I'd never tell Gina Carano that.

  18. Roman Petrov's rating of the film Haywire

    My review of Haywire:

  19. cbg/cbg's rating of the film Haywire

    Beautiful, boring action movie.

  20. film_lies101's rating of the film Haywire

    solid badassery and minimal CGI nonsense!

  21. Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Haywire

  22. rllr's rating of the film Haywire

    ...and that's how she became Lara Croft.

  23. Junda Mane's rating of the film Haywire

    Funky soundtrack & real life Kick-Boxing/MMA world champion Gina Carano kicking all types of ass. Short & sweet.

  24. T. J. Harman's rating of the film Haywire

    A great spy thriller with a great score.

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