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  1. Nachtreich's rating of the film Hazard

    ☆ e mezzo. Si è divertito molto ha fatto un mezzo macello, dopo la prima mezz'ora.

  2. smeef's rating of the film Hazard

    i really like this concept and there were some v nice scenes esp. at nom wah tea parlor!! acting + scripting was a lil weird (particularly for the police officer)

  3. Ostermyers's rating of the film Hazard

    yeah, cuz i'm a vagabond soul anyway.

  4. Luis Pires's rating of the film Hazard

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Hazard

    Lesser known early picture from Sion Sono (at least in North America) despite its being shot in NYC. A young college student sick of the sleepy but restless Japan travels to New York looking for hazard. He meets up with a couple of street punks and slips into a life of chaos within friendship. Some scripting issues but is still one hell of a watch. This is somewhere between Sono's humanist and more challenging work.

  6. Toji Morimoto's rating of the film Hazard

    His "Noriko's Dinner Table" was a very good film. Compared to other films of Shion Sono, which includes gore expressions, this film is in the more serious side, and have some good social commentary in Japanese society, or universally.

  7. Arisu's rating of the film Hazard

  8. Algitya's rating of the film Hazard

    Wow. Siodmak . Despite that , this one make me imagine how if Sono get collaborated with Korine.

  9. lupiter's rating of the film Hazard

    "mi casa, su casa, you know what im sayin?"

  10. Gabriel Wagner's rating of the film Hazard

    Wonderful movie. Brilliant and inspiring.

  11. Alan Ongaro's rating of the film Hazard

    Jai West is tha fucking man!!! Sion Sono too.

  12. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film Hazard

  13. purefault's rating of the film Hazard

    This was one hell of a ride. Refreshingly in-your-face. Even through its most visceral moments, the film still gave me something to think about. I'm not sure how Sono Shion does what he does, but I'm glad he does it.

  14. Zach Lyons's rating of the film Hazard

    A beautiful example of how it feels to be in your prime when young. The handheld cinematography looks amazing, the acting from Jai West, although somewhat campy, is powerful and commanding, and the overall feeling and themes this movie throws in your face are fantastic. What makes it so great, however, is it touches on its themes and then throws them to the wind, instead focusing on pure feeling.

  15. tmb's rating of the film Hazard

    Wow, really good film (even i saw in a bad german sync. Version, which had very bad voice-sound-proportion). Interesting composition and style. Makes me exiting of more of Sono, it was the first film of him i saw. ....... so now have to continue here.

  16.'s rating of the film Hazard

    Worst movie I saw on What's so great about Sion Sono ? Strange Circus had some good ideas, but was unsensitive. Love Exposure is insulting at best. His movies are often badly shot and his structures are awful and pretentious. It is too easy to just film a fiction like it is reality to make it feel real. It doesn't make great cinema, only amateurish statements.