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  1. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Haze

    This subtle, powerful short on privacy, rape, and harassment (almost a deleted scene from Uncertain Terms) is available on vimeo: where you will find an interesting conversation about the roles and responsibilities of all the parties involved.

  2. Kelsey Anderson's rating of the film Haze

  3. mpho3's rating of the film Haze

    This touched a nerve, esp. amidst current headlines from the Cosby allegations to the mattress protest. What I appreciate about Haze is that there are two victims here. I believe the sincerity of the male protagonist. If Natalie was drugged (and it's not always obvious), he didn't do it. I also believe her reaction of having no knowledge of the previous night, and she's not just "twisted" or a "crazy bitch."

  4. Ian Ferguson's rating of the film Haze

    emotions are strange, bodies, are weird, together they are bizarre

  5. ajwood857's rating of the film Haze

    Forgot that HAZE was less than fifteen minutes long and in the grip of centrifugal confusion. Instead of the cops showing up, both characters ricochet off of each other.

  6.'s rating of the film Haze

    Actors good but ridiculous - no emotional context for someone who is actually rather disturbed. The morning after from hell.

  7. John Crawford's rating of the film Haze

    I watched this twice. Dude seems cool but the chick is twisted up inside. Manages to express the awkwardness of life and loving.