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  1. Photo of Alfred L. Werker

    Alfred L. Werker Director

  2. Photo of Anthony Mann

    Anthony Mann Director

  3. Photo of Bryan Foy

    Bryan Foy Producer

  4. Photo of Robert Kane

    Robert Kane Producer

  5. Photo of Crane Wilbur

    Crane Wilbur Screenplay

  6. Photo of John C. Higgins

    John C. Higgins Screenplay

  7. Photo of Harry Essex

    Harry Essex Screenplay

  8. Photo of John Alton

    John Alton Cinematography

  9. Photo of Richard Basehart

    Richard Basehart Cast

  10. Photo of Scott Brady

    Scott Brady Cast

  11. Photo of Roy Roberts

    Roy Roberts Cast

  12. Photo of Whit Bissell

    Whit Bissell Cast

  13. Photo of James Cardwell

    James Cardwell Cast

  14. Photo of Jack Webb

    Jack Webb Cast

  15. Photo of Alfred DeGaetano

    Alfred DeGaetano Editing

  16. Photo of Edward L. Ilou

    Edward L. Ilou Production Design

  17. Photo of Armor Marlowe

    Armor Marlowe Production Design

  18. Photo of Clarence Steensen

    Clarence Steensen Production Design

  19. Photo of Leonid Raab

    Leonid Raab Music

  20. Photo of Leon Becker

    Leon Becker Sound

  21. Photo of Hugh McDowell Jr.

    Hugh McDowell Jr. Sound