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  1. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Head

    Cult value galore! The Monkees frantically searching for reality but never finding it. Jack Nicholson outlining the movie on LSD. The rubble of a fourth wall. It can be tiresome, but enough moments work—be they funny, provocative, or nightmarish—to demand notice. I'm not sure I want to join the cult, but a girl in 6th grade told me this was her favorite movie, and I should've asked her out when I had the chance.

  2. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Head

    Hey, hey, it's the meltdown. "The tragedy of *your* time, my young friends, is that you may get exactly what you want."

  3. A47's rating of the film Head

  4. Ethan's rating of the film Head

    A Hard Day's Night for The Monkees.

  5. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Head

    "Nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humor." I would love to see something like this done with One Direction, Jonas Brothers, and the like. The absolute funniest part of this movie is "No, Micky, I'm the dummy."

  6. Cinemaficionado's rating of the film Head

  7. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Head

  8. NICOLE86's rating of the film Head

    It makes perfect sense that the script for Head came about with Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson in a hotel in Ojai coked out of their minds saying things into a tape recorder.

  9. gaffordKINO's rating of the film Head

    The most extraordinary western-comedy-love story-mystery-drama-musical-documentary-satire ever filmed!

  10. MostlyDead's rating of the film Head

    In the manner of the Beatles' "Help", "Head" gleefully depicts the Monkees trying to escape commercialism.

  11. Ryan Browder's rating of the film Head

    Just watched this... and am now contemplating buying some "Monkees" albums... what a trip!

  12. Accept No Substitutions's rating of the film Head

    I'm sorry. I can't help associating the Coca-Cola scene with the reference in Family Guy... :-)

  13. MikeEverleth's rating of the film Head

    The Monkees try to have it both ways: To subvert their image as a manufactured group and to capitalize on their sitcom style. Works successfully for the most part, even when too self-conscious. The Davey Jones solo dancing scene is a knockout.

  14. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Head

    Are you telling me you don't see the connection between government and laughing at people?

  15. AlexanderKR's rating of the film Head

  16. davehalb's rating of the film Head

    Trippy, funny, and fascinating to watch. Almost like an American version of a Monty Python episode but with more surrealism.

  17. Matt's rating of the film Head

    The predecessor to Tim & Eric.

  18. herb shellenberger's rating of the film Head

    "Mickey, I'm the dummy." "You're right, Pete, you're always the dummy. I forgot, you're always the dummy."

  19. Sophie Oppelt's rating of the film Head

  20. Ben Wheeler's rating of the film Head

    For something completely unexpected, look no further than "Head". Don't be fooled by the ridiculous absurdities; the transitions and editing took skill and forethought. I'm now infected by this crazed sixties cinema. I need to re-watch The Graduate and Walkabout. I highly suggest this acid trip of color, grit and groove.

  21. Tony Pauletto's rating of the film Head

  22. Andrés Pff's rating of the film Head

    fun trip to watch. i never got bored.

  23. mjgildea's rating of the film Head

    Head gets none of the credit it deserves whatsoever. Granted, its not much more than a plotless, trippy mash and trying to get your head completely around it is damn near pointless, but its a hell of a lot of fun. The music is fantastic and the best of The Monkees' career. Lots of random cameos and total oddness but if nothing else, its a product of its time.

  24. Zac Zellers's rating of the film Head

    Criterion did a fantastic job with the blu-ray of this. A genuinely trippy movie with a very good humorous self-awareness about it. Not as campy as you'd expect, 42 years later.

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