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Ratings & Reviews

  1. AVA's rating of the film Heading South

    Schöne fremde Urlaubswelt.Der Kontrast zwischen Naivität,Egoismus und Liebe.Ch.Rampling ist sehr nutzbringend für ihren Part.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Heading South

    Trois excellents portraits de femmes en doute et en fuite, dont celui de Charlotte Rampling lumineuse et rayonnante à souhait, comme souvent à son habitude. A nouveau Laurent Cantet confirme sa bonne place dans le gotha des réalisateurs français...

  3. djembejayaram's rating of the film Heading South

    Visually authentic, which was a pleasure. A bit stilted sexually, without enough gut-and-mind-emptying gratification shown, which is what the white women were there for, as was described by Ellen in her final monologue. Too bad imo, because some great sex scenes in full could catapult this film into a more of a classic. Still, authentic, and pleasant, and glad I saw it ^0|0^

  4. Kasey's rating of the film Heading South

    And interesting topic but I think it could've been better executed.

  5. Nikyatu's rating of the film Heading South

    Charlotte Rampling was the clear star of the show in this, at times, cringe worthy film. Only her monologue rang even relatively true. The dialogue was stilted and overly melodramatic which greatly contrasted the neo realistic execution (non actors held their own). Direction appeared to be lazy as I constantly allow my eyes to drift to supporting actors at emotionally pivotal moments: they stood around dead eyed...

  6. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Heading South

    Even with dialogue that rings false,seems an honest depiction of sex tourism in '70's Haiti. A bit too sympathetic towards the women,who really are showing another type of Imperialism.

  7. Danny Bailey's rating of the film Heading South

    charlotte rampling just proves that after 5 decades in the film industry she could still churn out a wonderful performance, and ditto to the rest of the ensemble

  8. Livlytique's rating of the film Heading South

    Yes the women were there for gratification as it were, but there was a deeper psychology beyond raw physical satisfaction, and the actors embodied the roles really well - they thought (and thus we think) that all they wanted was an easy life, but noone could help becoming emotionally attached.. through their relations the film subtly questioned more pertinent political/racial issues too. I really enjoyed this.