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  1. Photo of Jeong Chang-hwa

    Jeong Chang-hwa Director

  2. Photo of I. Fang Yeh

    I. Fang Yeh Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tadashi Nishimoto

    Tadashi Nishimoto Cinematography

  4. Photo of Chiang Hsing-lung

    Chiang Hsing-lung Editing

  5. Photo of Wang Fu-ling

    Wang Fu-ling Music

  6. Photo of Chiao Chiao

    Chiao Chiao Cast

  7. Photo of Liang Chen

    Liang Chen Cast

  8. Photo of Hsieh Wang

    Hsieh Wang Cast

  9. Photo of Ching Miao

    Ching Miao Cast

  10. Photo of Helen Ma

    Helen Ma Cast

  11. Photo of Tung Li

    Tung Li Cast

  12. Photo of Yanyan Chen

    Yanyan Chen Cast

  13. Photo of Lai Cho-Cho

    Lai Cho-Cho Cast

  14. Photo of Ai Lien Pan

    Ai Lien Pan Cast

  15. Photo of Pao Chin Yeh

    Pao Chin Yeh Cast

  16. Photo of Lei Cheng

    Lei Cheng Cast

  17. Photo of Chun Liu

    Chun Liu Cast

  18. Photo of Liu Hung

    Liu Hung Cast

  19. Photo of Mei Sheng Fan

    Mei Sheng Fan Cast

  20. Photo of Lee Sau Kei

    Lee Sau Kei Cast

  21. Photo of Lao Shen

    Lao Shen Cast