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  1. Photo of Claude Fournier

    Claude Fournier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roy Dupuis

    Roy Dupuis Cast

  3. Photo of Patrick Huard

    Patrick Huard Cast

  4. Photo of Charlotte Laurier

    Charlotte Laurier Cast

  5. Photo of Albert Millaire

    Albert Millaire Cast

  6. Photo of Norman Lévesque

    Norman Lévesque Cast

  7. Photo of Guy Nadon

    Guy Nadon Cast

  8. Photo of France Castel

    France Castel Cast

  9. Photo of Arielle Dombasle

    Arielle Dombasle Cast

  10. Photo of Sophie Faucher

    Sophie Faucher Cast

  11. Photo of Nanette Workman

    Nanette Workman Cast

  12. Photo of Jacques Languirand

    Jacques Languirand Cast

  13. Photo of Micheline Lanctôt

    Micheline Lanctôt Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Thibaudeau

    Martin Thibaudeau Cast

  15. Photo of Xavier Dolan

    Xavier Dolan Cast

  16. Photo of Jean-Nicolas Verreault

    Jean-Nicolas Verreault Cast

  17. Photo of Dan Bigras

    Dan Bigras Cast and Music

  18. Photo of Paul Buissonneau

    Paul Buissonneau Cast

  19. Photo of Annie Dufresne

    Annie Dufresne Cast

  20. Photo of Claude Gai

    Claude Gai Cast

  21. Photo of Paul-Antoine Taillefer

    Paul-Antoine Taillefer Cast

  22. Photo of Louis Champagne

    Louis Champagne Cast

  23. Photo of Maude Guérin

    Maude Guérin Cast

  24. Photo of Sébastien Delorme

    Sébastien Delorme Cast

  25. Photo of Patrice Coquereau

    Patrice Coquereau Cast

  26. Photo of Eric Cayla

    Eric Cayla Cinematography

  27. Photo of Luce Dufault

    Luce Dufault Music

  28. Photo of Breen Leboeuf

    Breen Leboeuf Music

  29. Photo of Jean Kazemirchuk

    Jean Kazemirchuk Production Design

  30. Photo of Mychèle Boudrias

    Mychèle Boudrias Producer

  31. Photo of Marie-José Raymond

    Marie-José Raymond Producer and Screenplay

  32. Photo of Denis Papillon

    Denis Papillon Editing

  33. Photo of Philippe Scultéty

    Philippe Scultéty Sound