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  1. Photo of Robert Altman

    Robert Altman Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frank Barhydt

    Frank Barhydt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paul Dooley

    Paul Dooley Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Carol Burnett

    Carol Burnett Cast

  5. Photo of Glenda Jackson

    Glenda Jackson Cast

  6. Photo of James Garner

    James Garner Cast

  7. Photo of Lauren Bacall

    Lauren Bacall Cast

  8. Photo of Donald Moffat

    Donald Moffat Cast

  9. Photo of Henry Gibson

    Henry Gibson Cast

  10. Photo of Alfre Woodard

    Alfre Woodard Cast

  11. Photo of Diane Stilwell

    Diane Stilwell Cast

  12. Photo of MacIntyre Dixon

    MacIntyre Dixon Cast

  13. Photo of Ann Ryerson

    Ann Ryerson Cast

  14. Photo of Edmond L. Koons

    Edmond L. Koons Cinematography

  15. Photo of Joseph Byrd

    Joseph Byrd Music

  16. Photo of Robert J. Quinn

    Robert J. Quinn Production Design

  17. Photo of Jacqueline S. Price

    Jacqueline S. Price Production Design

  18. Photo of Tommy Thompson

    Tommy Thompson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Tom Benko

    Tom Benko Editing

  20. Photo of Dennis M. Hill

    Dennis M. Hill Editing

  21. Photo of Tony Lombardo

    Tony Lombardo Editing

  22. Photo of Sam Gemette

    Sam Gemette Sound

  23. Photo of David M. Horton

    David M. Horton Sound

  24. Photo of Randy Kelley

    Randy Kelley Sound

  25. Photo of Beth Alexander

    Beth Alexander Costume Design