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  1. Photo of Luigi Comencini

    Luigi Comencini Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Suso Cecchi D'Amico

    Suso Cecchi D'Amico Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cristina Comencini

    Cristina Comencini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Edmondo De Amicis

    Edmondo De Amicis Screenplay

  5. Photo of Johnny Dorelli

    Johnny Dorelli Cast

  6. Photo of Giuliana De Sio

    Giuliana De Sio Cast

  7. Photo of Bernard Blier

    Bernard Blier Cast

  8. Photo of Laurent Malet

    Laurent Malet Cast

  9. Photo of Andréa Ferréol

    Andréa Ferréol Cast

  10. Photo of Ugo Pagliai

    Ugo Pagliai Cast

  11. Photo of Federico Belisario

    Federico Belisario Cast

  12. Photo of Carlo Calenda

    Carlo Calenda Cast

  13. Photo of Maurizio Coletta

    Maurizio Coletta Cast

  14. Photo of Gianluca Galle

    Gianluca Galle Cast

  15. Photo of Margo Marrone

    Margo Marrone Cast

  16. Photo of Ivan Sebastiani

    Ivan Sebastiani Cast

  17. Photo of Elio Sonnino

    Elio Sonnino Cast

  18. Photo of Eduardo De Filippo

    Eduardo De Filippo Cast

  19. Photo of Paolo Merosi

    Paolo Merosi Cast

  20. Photo of Ciro Orlando

    Ciro Orlando Cast

  21. Photo of Paolo Paoloni

    Paolo Paoloni Cast

  22. Photo of Renato Scarpa

    Renato Scarpa Cast

  23. Photo of Giancarlo Di Fonzo

    Giancarlo Di Fonzo Producer

  24. Photo of Manuel De Sica

    Manuel De Sica Music

  25. Photo of Luigi Kuveiller

    Luigi Kuveiller Cinematography

  26. Photo of Sergio Buzi

    Sergio Buzi Editing

  27. Photo of Gianni Sbarra

    Gianni Sbarra Production Design