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  1. Photo of Horst Sczerba

    Horst Sczerba Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marlies Damm

    Marlies Damm Screenplay

  3. Photo of Camilla Renschke

    Camilla Renschke Cast

  4. Photo of Michael Roll

    Michael Roll Cast

  5. Photo of Pia Amendt

    Pia Amendt Cast

  6. Photo of Werner Wölbern

    Werner Wölbern Cast

  7. Photo of Johanna Gastdorf

    Johanna Gastdorf Cast

  8. Photo of Pamela Knaack

    Pamela Knaack Cast

  9. Photo of Uwe Bohm

    Uwe Bohm Cast

  10. Photo of Mehmet Kurtulus

    Mehmet Kurtulus Cast

  11. Photo of Meray Ülgen

    Meray Ülgen Cast

  12. Photo of Ilknur Boyraz

    Ilknur Boyraz Cast

  13. Photo of Sólveig Arnarsdóttir

    Sólveig Arnarsdóttir Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Kamper

    Paul Kamper Cast

  15. Photo of Judith Diedeling

    Judith Diedeling Cast

  16. Photo of Florian Fitz

    Florian Fitz Cast

  17. Photo of Marcus-Alexander Becker

    Marcus-Alexander Becker Cast

  18. Photo of Laura Tonke

    Laura Tonke Cast

  19. Photo of Christoph Ortmann

    Christoph Ortmann Cast

  20. Photo of Lucas Gregorowicz

    Lucas Gregorowicz Cast

  21. Photo of Karin Neuhäuser

    Karin Neuhäuser Cast

  22. Photo of Carl-Friedrich Koschnick

    Carl-Friedrich Koschnick Cinematography

  23. Photo of Dirk Raulf

    Dirk Raulf Music

  24. Photo of Volker Schäfer

    Volker Schäfer Production Design

  25. Photo of Stefan Arndt

    Stefan Arndt Producer

  26. Photo of Manuela Stehr

    Manuela Stehr Producer

  27. Photo of Marcel Peragine

    Marcel Peragine Editing

  28. Photo of Martin Müller

    Martin Müller Sound