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  1. Photo of Luigi Falorni

    Luigi Falorni Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gabriele Kister

    Gabriele Kister Screenplay

  3. Photo of Senait Mehari

    Senait Mehari Screenplay

  4. Photo of Thomas Schlesinger

    Thomas Schlesinger Screenplay

  5. Photo of Letekidan Micael

    Letekidan Micael Cast

  6. Photo of Solomie Micael

    Solomie Micael Cast

  7. Photo of Seble Tilahun

    Seble Tilahun Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Seyoum

    Daniel Seyoum Cast

  9. Photo of Mekdes Wegene

    Mekdes Wegene Cast

  10. Photo of Samuel Semere

    Samuel Semere Cast

  11. Photo of Judith Kaufmann

    Judith Kaufmann Cinematography

  12. Photo of Andrea Guerra

    Andrea Guerra Music

  13. Photo of Stephan Massimo

    Stephan Massimo Music

  14. Photo of Vittoria Sogno

    Vittoria Sogno Production Design

  15. Photo of Bernd Burgemeister

    Bernd Burgemeister Producer

  16. Photo of Gloria Burkert

    Gloria Burkert Producer

  17. Photo of Sven Burgemeister

    Sven Burgemeister Producer

  18. Photo of Andreas Bareiß

    Andreas Bareiß Producer

  19. Photo of Anja Pohl

    Anja Pohl Editing

  20. Photo of Marc Parisotto

    Marc Parisotto Sound