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  1. Pierre.F's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Un beau film qui porte toutes les marques du génie d'Herzog. Tous les acteurs jouent sous hypnose ce qui donne un résultat impressionnant et absolument déroutant. C'est un film qui se situe entre la poésie de Fata Morgana et la puissance folle de Aguirre.

  2. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Heart of Glass

  3. Ma-rewind's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    3.5 Pas mécontente d'avoir enfin découvert l'univers d'Herzog, pas mécontente que le film soit fini non plus! Je regrette cependant de ne pas avoir eu le courage de m'attaquer aux autres Herzog précédemment programmés : c'est qu'elle est prenante au final cette étrangeté!

  4. Durandré's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Sans doute pas la meilleure introduction à l'univers d'Herzog si on ne connait pas son travail, mais cette fable étrange a quelque chose de fascinant. On contemple cet univers comme on se perdrait dans les détails d'une peinture flamande.

  5. fada19's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    à l'époque il fût dit que ce film avait été tourné avec des acteurs drogués !!!

  6. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Heart of Glass

  7. Eriugena82's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Probably the strangest of Herzog's films that I have seen. The actors were apparently hypnotised throughout, and the film gives you the sense that you are being hypnotised as well! It is somewhat cryptic, but appears to pit the spirituality of the medieval/early modern period (as represented by the character of Hias) against the encroaching modernism of the industrial age (presaged by Hias' apocalyptic visions).

  8. Chearth's rating of the film Heart of Glass

  9. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Somehow the poetic ending ties the knot with the rest of the movie, which had some muddled intentions. Add that to gorgeous nature imagery, incredibly warm factory and townsfolk scenes, some inspiring non-sequiturs, and you've got yourself a good German period movie.

  10. nightly_disease's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Sometimes reminds me Bella Tarr's Satantango. Wich is awesome. Love the ending

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Une oeuvre étrange et envoûtante qui reste inoubliable, et dont la plupart des acteurs tournèrent sous hypnose et qui mérite une redécouverte !

  12. KonradK15's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Werner Herzog directs a strange tale in Heart of Glass. This 1976 work is based on the German prophet Muhlhiasl, where the cast was hypnotized. The film is well made and captures the viewer's attention right away. However the story is somewhat lacking in depth.

  13. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Silly Wudy. You can't have your Ascherl and eat it too. ;-) The story is strange enough without adding Herzog to the mix. Hypnotizing almost the entire cast may subtract more from the film that it adds to it. The whole exercise seems too self-conscious (ironically?) with all the ponderous shots in the overture and with the philosophical addendum at the end, though. Three stars instead of two because Wudy & Ascherl.

  14. Gryphonix's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Reminiscent of the Herzog documentary Lessons of Darkness, with its use of lovely cinematography to illustrate his apocalyptic theme.

  15. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Not one of his best, but it has Herzog's DNA here and there.

  16. David R Williams's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Some of the most hauntingly beautiful camera work I have ever seen particularly in the beginning and the film's series of final shots. There are village scenes that remind me of the paintings of Bruegel. Herzog is consistently the most interesting director out there with works that challenge what film is and point the way for what it could be. Here's an in-depth piece on this film:

  17. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Awesome parable of the state we are all in... but, where was Bruno?! He would have been a natural in this cast! :D

  18. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    (1.5 stars) It's like watching a very old man fall very slowly down a flight of stairs. It's terrible and you know the end will be awful, but you just have to keep watching as he slowly tumbles further down. There are some glorious nature shots that are set to music that are breathtaking. They have nothing to do with the story, but... it's nice to have something positive to watch in this tedious and tiresome movie.

  19. La Foret's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    The shots of islands are spectacular! I believe that paintings of Caspar David Friedrich were prominent inspiration for particular scenes.

  20. Zachary Young's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Herzog exerts stunning and painstaking control over every aspect of the film except for his actors' performances; here, he largely concedes control, allowing their movement and delivery to be governed by natural impulse, and "the untidiness of the stars." Beyond gimmickry, affectation, naturalism or expressionism, this approach draws fearless and compelling performances from a largely nonprofessional cast.

  21. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    I'm not sure Herzog is a good storyteller—a brilliant filmmaker, certainly, good at developing concepts and finding/conjuring sights and sounds that are cosmic and provocative. But a film like Heart of Glass, rich in ideas as it is, suffers a bit from an absence of narrative clarity and momentum. Even if, as conjuring acts go, the hypnosis provides an inspired, beautiful metaphor for a stumbling civilization.

  22. Renan Raffo's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    Being my first Herzog film, I did not know what to expect. Throughout the film, there were many confusing scenes and many eccentric characters that, not only made the film more dramatic, but really showed the experimental factors that Herzog seemed to find amusement in. This film really pushes the boundaries of independent films and creates an overwhelming, yet entertaining, depiction of a fictional community.

  23. turnerBroadcast p3Dr0's rating of the film Heart of Glass

    What an amazing film. Its true test is its viewing, and its memory... the red glass in hand, the vistas, and the relationship between all to the world around as if we are watching not only men but also space and time itself... I always collected films by the rule, "Could I watch this one twice?"... but I have also added to that films that, watched once, remain vivid and bright forever. The secret of the ruby glass.

  24. bagno's rating of the film Heart of Glass

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