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  1. Photo of Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood Director, Producer Cast

  2. Photo of James Carabatsos

    James Carabatsos Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marsha Mason

    Marsha Mason Cast

  4. Photo of Everett McGill

    Everett McGill Cast

  5. Photo of Arlen Dean Snyder

    Arlen Dean Snyder Cast

  6. Photo of Boyd Gaines

    Boyd Gaines Cast

  7. Photo of Moses Gunn

    Moses Gunn Cast

  8. Photo of Mario Van Peebles

    Mario Van Peebles Cast

  9. Photo of Vincent Irizarry

    Vincent Irizarry Cast

  10. Photo of Eileen Heckart

    Eileen Heckart Cast

  11. Photo of Bo Svenson

    Bo Svenson Cast

  12. Photo of Ramón Franco

    Ramón Franco Cast

  13. Photo of Tom Villard

    Tom Villard Cast

  14. Photo of Mike Gomez

    Mike Gomez Cast

  15. Photo of Rodney Hill

    Rodney Hill Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Koch

    Peter Koch Cast

  17. Photo of Richard Venture

    Richard Venture Cast

  18. Photo of J.C. Quinn

    J.C. Quinn Cast

  19. Photo of Begonya Plaza

    Begonya Plaza Cast

  20. Photo of John Eames

    John Eames Cast

  21. Photo of Thom Sharp

    Thom Sharp Cast

  22. Photo of John Gallagher

    John Gallagher Cast

  23. Photo of John Hostetter

    John Hostetter Cast

  24. Photo of Holly Shelton-Foy

    Holly Shelton-Foy Cast

  25. Photo of Nicholas Worth

    Nicholas Worth Cast

  26. Photo of Timothy Fall

    Timothy Fall Cast

  27. Photo of John Pennell

    John Pennell Cast

  28. Photo of Trish Garland

    Trish Garland Cast

  29. Photo of Dutch Mann

    Dutch Mann Cast

  30. Photo of Darwyn Swalve

    Darwyn Swalve Cast

  31. Photo of Christopher Michael

    Christopher Michael Cast

  32. Photo of Alex M. Bello

    Alex M. Bello Cast

  33. Photo of Steve Halsey

    Steve Halsey Cast

  34. Photo of John Sasse

    John Sasse Cast

  35. Photo of Rebecca Perle

    Rebecca Perle Cast

  36. Photo of Annie O'Donnell

    Annie O'Donnell Cast

  37. Photo of Elizabeth Ruscio

    Elizabeth Ruscio Cast

  38. Photo of Lloyd Nelson

    Lloyd Nelson Cast

  39. Photo of John H. Brewer

    John H. Brewer Cast

  40. Photo of Michael Maurer

    Michael Maurer Cast

  41. Photo of Tom Ellison

    Tom Ellison Cast

  42. Photo of Russell Appling

    Russell Appling Cast

  43. Photo of Lázaro Ramos

    Lázaro Ramos Cast

  44. Photo of Tom Willett

    Tom Willett Cast

  45. Photo of Jack N. Green

    Jack N. Green Cinematography

  46. Photo of Lennie Niehaus

    Lennie Niehaus Music

  47. Photo of Edward C. Carfagno

    Edward C. Carfagno Production Design

  48. Photo of Fritz Manes

    Fritz Manes Executive Producer

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