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  1. Photo of Eliseo Subiela

    Eliseo Subiela Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alicia Rosendorn

    Alicia Rosendorn Screenplay

  3. Photo of Álvaro Alonso

    Álvaro Alonso Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Luis Ángel Bellaba

    Luis Ángel Bellaba Executive Producer, Cast

  5. Photo of Gabriel Mores

    Gabriel Mores Music

  6. Photo of Teo Delgado

    Teo Delgado Cinematography

  7. Photo of Cristina Otero

    Cristina Otero Editing

  8. Photo of Abel Facello

    Abel Facello Production Design

  9. Photo of Carlos Schmukler

    Carlos Schmukler Sound

  10. Photo of Guido Berenblum

    Guido Berenblum Sound

  11. Photo of Pep Munné

    Pep Munné Cast

  12. Photo of María Barranco

    María Barranco Cast

  13. Photo of Mariana Anghileri

    Mariana Anghileri Cast

  14. Photo of Rosario Pardo

    Rosario Pardo Cast

  15. Photo of Arturo Bonín

    Arturo Bonín Cast

  16. Photo of Alfredo Casero

    Alfredo Casero Cast

  17. Photo of Silvia Rey

    Silvia Rey Cast

  18. Photo of Felix Lopez

    Felix Lopez Cast

  19. Photo of Jean Pierre Noher

    Jean Pierre Noher Cast

  20. Photo of Martín Aldasoro

    Martín Aldasoro Cast

  21. Photo of Pascual Condito

    Pascual Condito Cast

  22. Photo of Adrián Iaies

    Adrián Iaies Cast