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  1. Photo of Peter Davis

    Peter Davis Director

  2. Photo of Richard Pearce

    Richard Pearce Cinematography

  3. Photo of Bert Schneider

    Bert Schneider Producer

  4. Photo of Henry Lange

    Henry Lange Producer

  5. Photo of Lynzee Klingman

    Lynzee Klingman Editing

  6. Photo of Susan Martin

    Susan Martin Editing

  7. Photo of Tom Cohen

    Tom Cohen Sound

  8. Photo of Clara Noto

    Clara Noto Sound

  9. Photo of Georges Bidault

    Georges Bidault Cast

  10. Photo of Clark Clifford

    Clark Clifford Cast

  11. Photo of George Coker

    George Coker Cast

  12. Photo of Kay Dvorshock

    Kay Dvorshock Cast

  13. Photo of Daniel Ellsburg

    Daniel Ellsburg Cast

  14. Photo of Randy Floyd

    Randy Floyd Cast

  15. Photo of J. William Fulbright

    J. William Fulbright Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Müller

    Robert Müller Cast

  17. Photo of Nguyễn Khanh

    Nguyễn Khanh Cast

  18. Photo of Walt Rostow

    Walt Rostow Cast

  19. Photo of William C. Westmoreland

    William C. Westmoreland Cast