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  1. Quesera,sera's rating of the film Heat Wave

    struggling, tension, and sensitivity of people, stirring as the temperatures rise surprisingly a nice thrilling story to be made. but failed to deliver in at the final..

  2. Edgar Echeverría's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Siempre alguien es el señalado, siempre hay que culpar a uno sobre todo lo que sucedes, no nos podemos hacer responsables de nuestros propios errores. ¿y qué sucede con ese al que se le carga? ¿Da motivos a propósito? ¿Se defiende? ¿Se esconde? En esta película se trabaja esta cuestión, es buena, pero no termina de "atrapar"

  3. @miguelmalpica's rating of the film Heat Wave

    A masterclass in cinematography. Buena película sobre percepción contra realidad. Excelente fotografía.

  4. Giada Pesce's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Sad to know that this is based on real events, and what a bunch of ignorant people can do. :(

  5. Hans Rudolf's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Ein sehr berührender, differenzierter Film !

  6. dr-roessi's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Very athmospheric with slow onset and surprising turnaround at the end.

  7. rociof's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Un golpe en el corazón, a razón de la discriminación humana. Recomendable.

  8. kowalski's rating of the film Heat Wave

  9. Luz Sabina's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Sí las apariencias engañan pero...

  10. Slobodan Milic's rating of the film Heat Wave

  11. Jaakkima's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Brilliant portrayal of social exclusion and people pushed on the edge in a small rural community.

  12. Carmen Munteanu's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Softly done. First it looks like fear and intolerance. The end twists it somehow to intolerance only. Could be about what happens to the real natural-born-psycho when all the people around go insane in critical conditions.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Modest, well acted drama that examines a mentally challenged young man whose pranks and mischief have reached exasperation level for many living in a small farming community. His actions become more confrontational as the heat rises and worries of drought add to the concerns of many culminating in not so expected violence. Slight but well made French drama.

  14. Laura Suffield's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Very nice, modest but well crafted and convincing film. Quite moving ultimately. I enjoyed it.

  15. chryzsh's rating of the film Heat Wave

    The plot synposis spoils the climax of the movie.

  16. Klevis's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Emotional and a nice twist in the end

  17. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Construit comme un drame de SIMENON, un polar rural du niveau d'un bon téléfilm. Excellent casting avec e. a. Grégory Gadebois (marin-pécheur dans Angèle & Tony, de Alix Delaporte) et J.-P. Darroussin, évident en maire de village. Built as a Simenon drama, a rural story the level of a good TV movie. Excellent cast with Grégory Gadebois (Angèle & Tony, Alix Delaporte) and J.-P. Darroussin, perfect as village mayor.

  18. Kornovska's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Très bon film sur les difficultés que peuvent vivre les personnes souffrant d'une déficience intellectuelle, ainsi que les membres de leur famille. Le film est particulièrement intéressant, car il aborde la question davantage sur le plan communautaire (comment réagissent les membres d'une petite communauté alors que la situation se complique) que personnel. C'est un film triste et réaliste (basé sur des faits réels).

  19. Nick Stierwald's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Well acted portrait of a small village enduring an exhausting heatwave. A mentally moronic teenager is constantly doing mischief and gets alienated. And again, well acted. The setting in south france does the rest. Although a little bit of a downer, it's worth a look. 3/5

  20. Tilman's rating of the film Heat Wave

    brilliant! an unagitated, value-free representation of what subjective perception does to people. also interesting what it does to the viewer

  21. Marcin Żuraw's rating of the film Heat Wave

  22. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Heat Wave

    2.5 Not bad but not great either. There were no peaks on this one: nice pace, decent acting, decent camera-work, etc but nothing really special to keep me in.

  23. Ishan Davé's rating of the film Heat Wave

    Strong domestic drama with beautiful, human performances. Lots to relate to, and feel understood by. A film for the outsider, not ruled by the cerebral but by the divisive impulses of living and feeling. SPOILER: Wish there were more reason to love the protagonist by the end.

  24. Marc of Toronto's rating of the film Heat Wave

    The more laid bare these people are by familiarity and struggle, the more their rage mounts, their complicity becomes entangled, and their need for release gets superimposed onto an innocent. Could happen to anyone. This film perfectly balances sympathy and judgement.

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