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  1. Photo of Kaneto Shindô

    Kaneto Shindô Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hisao Itoya

    Hisao Itoya Producer

  3. Photo of Kazuo Kuwahara

    Kazuo Kuwahara Producer

  4. Photo of Setsuo Noto

    Setsuo Noto Producer

  5. Photo of Kiyomi Kuroda

    Kiyomi Kuroda Cinematography

  6. Photo of Nobuko Otowa

    Nobuko Otowa Cast

  7. Photo of Jûzô Itami

    Jûzô Itami Cast

  8. Photo of Daigo Kusano

    Daigo Kusano Cast

  9. Photo of Ichirô Sugai

    Ichirô Sugai Cast

  10. Photo of Tanie Kitabayashi

    Tanie Kitabayashi Cast

  11. Photo of Hisano Yamaoka

    Hisano Yamaoka Cast

  12. Photo of Masanobu Oki

    Masanobu Oki Cast

  13. Photo of Mika Matsui

    Mika Matsui Cast

  14. Photo of Jukichi Uno

    Jukichi Uno Cast

  15. Photo of Eitarô Ozawa

    Eitarô Ozawa Cast

  16. Photo of Norimichi Igawa

    Norimichi Igawa Production Design

  17. Photo of Hikaru Hayashi

    Hikaru Hayashi Music