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  1. enkii__bilal's rating of the film Heat

  2. film_frame's rating of the film Heat

    A bohemith of a film, proving Mann as the king of genre-filmmaking, with a par of excellent performances from De Niro, and Pacino. Quite possibly better than Thief.

  3. bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film Heat

    So much testosterone in this movie, except where it matter, in cinema. But even worst than all this fireworks for 2 and half long hours, is seeing the histrionic performance of Al Pacino (doing already the same act that he made in “Scarface”. Unfortunately that actor that I love so much in “Panic in Needle Park”, “Serpico”, “Godfather” or “Carlito’s Way” vanish)

  4. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Heat

    The sentimentalities are trite and mushy, they get in the way of the film's ability to build suspense or maintain a cohesive storyline. Or perhaps, it's the flimsy attempt at drawn out action scenes that get in the way of what may otherwise be a decent emotional drama. Al Pacino is a god, the rest are okay- there's just a lot of sleepy filler. Also, the sound mixing is horrible!! Not Mann's best in my opinion.

  5. Erik F.'s rating of the film Heat

  6. berat bayer's rating of the film Heat

  7. diana's rating of the film Heat

  8. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Heat

    Al Pacino and Robert deNiro are on opposite sides of the law in this great heist movie. It has a lot of good subplots and one of the best ensembles put together. Great hand-held sequences makes one feel in the middle of the action and Michael Mann show again why he is one of the best action movie directors out there. The subplot with Natalie Portman doesn't really work that well though.

  9. catbug's rating of the film Heat

  10. paddelboot's rating of the film Heat

    This could be just another generic crime thriller, but what sets it apart is that it is emotionally convincing. Short lines of dialogue have a deep impact, because there's so much in between those lines. And the shootout in the streets of L.A. is like a clean knockout - brutal and amazing.

  11. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Heat

    A film I hated on release, feeling it was bloated and boring. Over the years my feelings have changed radically and I have come to love it as an epic thriller par excellence. Mann pulls of an intricate narrative while providing sufficient space for his actors to breathe without surrendering any dramatic tension - quite the opposite: this is a truly absorbing, emotional and thrilling experience.

  12. burning_chrome's rating of the film Heat

  13. Shane Ewen's rating of the film Heat

    Michael Mann's excellent, if overlong, chef-d'œuvre. Worth the admission for the Pacino-de Niro coffee alone.

  14. First Lady Dré's rating of the film Heat

    gack - melodrama indeed - got so bored I did the washing up...mind you any review of a film that uses 'infused' should not be heeded

  15. Benjamin Bland's rating of the film Heat

  16. Levi Miah's rating of the film Heat

    There's not much to add to a conversation about Heat, but the choices Mann made for the transitions between different tonal sections within the score is pure genius, as is using LA as nothing but a panoramic backdrop for portrait cinematography (including using an actual helicopter as a backlight/lens flare device).

  17. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film Heat

    No need to mention all the positives, repeated so many times over the years. It is worth pointing out how far ahead cinema has moved in the 22 years since in terms of female characters. All female characters in Heat are either brutally murdered, emotionally one-dimensional, painfully unintelligent, or just plain generic. You could spin this the other way and say it is a film about dysfunctional men, but still ...

  18. Rob Horsfall's rating of the film Heat

    De Niro and Al Paccino having coffee together, need I say more.

  19. Angelina's rating of the film Heat

    Far too long, would give it a two if it wasn't for the ending. Not Alpacino's finest to say the least. Also had to watch it on another site and might possibly have a virus now- not at all happy Mubi!

  20. SiIencio's rating of the film Heat

    White-collar crime-riddled LA under Mann is a sleek neon-light laberynth of dysfunctional human relationships drifting away in the wake of cat-and-mouse police chase. But sexy coolness and an ambitious intention of shedding some broken humanity into the somewhat predictible genre do not make up for some of the silliness that dots the plot and that turns it rather childish and uncomprehensible at times.

  21. steven's rating of the film Heat

    I finally got around to watching this movie, over 20 years late, and wow. So much to love about it. But to keep it simple, quite simply one of the greatest crime films ever made.

  22. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Heat

    With as much substance as style. This is like reading a complex novel, except the characters are played by some of the best actors on earth. For me, ice cold De Niro tops Pacino's rambling cop, but LA is the true muse here.

  23. Yulia Gaidakova's rating of the film Heat

    good action thriller, but relationship with women are written by someone without a clue- so false

  24. Shaun's rating of the film Heat

    Gripping and well directed set pieces excel and the acting is great all round - some may find Pacino either exhilarating or comically overacted. It has dated badly in some places but it still holds up and the final scene is incredible.

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