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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Heaven and Earth

    this is a reason for not being is an integrated film with struggle for life, natural conditions, the process of economic crisis and their effects on people in their natural habitat moreover the purchasing power.Nontheless their supporting each other without complaining makes this doc powerfull. different with its own way. 5 hours but it is worth to watch.

  2. Aquieu's rating of the film Heaven and Earth

    "Nourish virtue in yourself and it will be sincere. Nourish it in the village and it will grow. Nourish it in the world and it will abound." - "Those who heed the Being are rulers of old, and those who heed the Not Being are friends of heaven and earth. He who knows does not talk, he who talks does not know."

  3. Drifter86's rating of the film Heaven and Earth

    Took me some time to get into it, but after a while i was starting to enjoy every minute of it, more and more. The simple and yet hard life of some austrian farmers living in the mountains is becoming the initial point of this journey. The Viewer is becoming witness of an authenticy which i am not able to see in my own daily hustle. Thank U very much for this great movie, and his inspiring thoughts ...

  4. rajiv ibrahim's rating of the film Heaven and Earth

    A meditation on time, a man, a nature, and life. Also very philosophical film from the man who has a clear vision on what he's doing. i wish i was more articulative to explain this, for now i just quote ulrich gregor "Give it a chance and this film will soon draw you into its own cosmos; it can be counted among those works that teach you to see and hear things in a completely new way.”