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  1. Jordan Kaltz's rating of the film Heaven

    like imagine if kieslowski had directed this it would be perfect!!

  2. olívia,'s rating of the film Heaven

    não estava à espera de adorar - adorei

  3. nejurgi's rating of the film Heaven

  4. Lululikes's rating of the film Heaven

    One of my most favourite movies ever about what is really important in life.

  5. Cependant's rating of the film Heaven

  6. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Heaven

    I can definitely see the ideas of Kieslowski in the story and in many of the shots. But I can also feel his absence. In some ways this is a fitting tribute to him. Films don't have to be perfect to be worth watching; they just need to tell us a story that holds a mirror in which we see our fears, our joys, our angels, and our demons. Blanchett and Ribisi shine. And kudos to Frank Griebe's cinematography. THAT TREE.

  7. adamjaymorris's rating of the film Heaven

    There's some worthy scenes here. The actors did their bit, but the characterization was fuzzy and somewhat lazy.

  8. G.'s rating of the film Heaven

    The rare perfect ending.

  9. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Heaven

    This film's atmosphere is cool and always smart. The film does not conform to the preconceived notions that I foolishly ascribed to it. Each performer adds something fresh and lively. Tykwer takes Kieslowski's material and makes it totally his own. He still pays due to the director and makes this a unique and lovely experience to watch from the first to last minute.

  10. Eric Adkins's rating of the film Heaven

    Can't believe I missed it 14 years ago... Can't believe that it has been in hiding that long either. It's as good as Girl with the Tatoo... No one remade this that I know of. But, it's a grand gesture film that is beautiful enough to believe in to go beyond it's own premise and watch predestined love rescue a soul and slip by the corruption of authority and to lift off towards an Arvo Part tranquility soundscape.

  11. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Heaven

    Crazy Kieslowski and Piesiewicz: just look up Philippians (Phillipa and Filippo) in Wikipedia, launch out from there, and start to groove on their heresies! Still kicking Christian ass and taking names since The Dekalog. But deeply Christian in the best sense. Maybe. I say maybe because it is all way over my head.

  12. mpho3's rating of the film Heaven

    "For Kieslowski, the accretion of circumstance and coincidence that governs our lives is something to be accepted and embraced: freedom comes from learning to live with your destiny. For Tykwer, something to be fought against and transcended. Watching Heaven, one can sometimes sense Kieslowski's worldview hovering like a skeleton behind the flesh of Tykwer's film." - BFI Sight & Sound

  13. caitlin.f's rating of the film Heaven

    cate killed it & some of the shots were truly amazing (the shot from the train coming out of the tunnel - totally surreal).

  14. George Elkind's rating of the film Heaven

    Attractive, sincere and fairly economical. It's heart-on-sleeve quality stings at times as does its Catholic symbology. All the same, a romance that's lushly conceived and complex in implication.

  15. David R Williams's rating of the film Heaven

    I found the basic premise utterly preposterous.

  16. Joey Kolasinsky's rating of the film Heaven

    Absolutely loved it. Beautiful, powerful, and intelligent film. I'll be thinking of this film for day, maybe weeks, to come.

  17. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Heaven

    A very Kieslowski euro-drama. Nice.

  18. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Heaven

  19. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Heaven

  20. Ben Loory's rating of the film Heaven

    lovely and mesmerizing throughout, though it feels like it strays from the path around the 3/4 mark. great final moment though, maybe one of the best i've seen. love the arvo part on the soundtrack.

  21. Adam S. Hacker's rating of the film Heaven

    Love this film for its subtleties, unspoken feelings. Shot choices helped set the tone. Some surprises along the way. Phenomenal.

  22. zac erickson's rating of the film Heaven

    This was a unique movie. Not a whole lot of dialogue which allows the viewers to attach their own own meaning to the various subtle transitions throughout the movie. Acting was good, moral background that was thought provoking.

  23. Christian's rating of the film Heaven

    The entire experience is slightly divorced from reality, boiled into Dilaudid-like staring, staring blindly, as if the characters are being choreographed from afar like puppets. When they aren't, they crumple in tears. Finely acted, if light on plot.

  24. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Heaven

    If Kieslowski had directed it, it would have been darker, but not necessarily better. I thought Ribisi was fantastic as a man in love in the purest sense of the word. Even when they make love, it's pure. They also carry with them an absolute certainty about what they're doing. They're on a mission from God.

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