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  1. paul oram's rating of the film Heavy Metal in Baghdad

    Brilliant. I want to know whats happened to them since ...

  2. eric gould's rating of the film Heavy Metal in Baghdad

    If the Arab Spring needed a soundtrack to amplify the voices of a generation, the Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda could bring the playlist. No contemporary band, metal or otherwise, gets as hardcore as the young guys in Baghdad's only metal band who played a live set to their fans at Al-Fanar Hotel in 2005. Filmmakers Suroosh Alvi and Eddy Moretti follow the band in Iraq, their journey to Syria and a legacy in sound.

  3. mpho3's rating of the film Heavy Metal in Baghdad

    I found myself rooting for these guys. Their name, Acrassicauda, is Latin for black scorpion, and it fits. This band was the embodiment of what it means to rock, and the genre's compulsion for freedom of expression, which is really what the film is about, i.e. young men trying to live their dreams in the midst of death, destruction, and repression. One negative: the filmmakers are super annoying.