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  1. Photo of Gerald Potterton

    Gerald Potterton Director

  2. Photo of Daniel Goldberg

    Daniel Goldberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Len Blum

    Len Blum Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dan O'Bannon

    Dan O'Bannon Screenplay

  5. Photo of Richard Corben

    Richard Corben Screenplay

  6. Photo of Bernie Wrightson

    Bernie Wrightson Screenplay

  7. Photo of Angus McKie

    Angus McKie Screenplay

  8. Photo of Jean Giraud

    Jean Giraud Screenplay

  9. Photo of Rodger Bumpass

    Rodger Bumpass Cast

  10. Photo of John Candy

    John Candy Cast

  11. Photo of Jackie Burroughs

    Jackie Burroughs Cast

  12. Photo of Joe Flaherty

    Joe Flaherty Cast

  13. Photo of Don Francks

    Don Francks Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Lavut

    Martin Lavut Cast

  15. Photo of Marilyn Lightstone

    Marilyn Lightstone Cast

  16. Photo of Eugene Levy

    Eugene Levy Cast

  17. Photo of Harold Ramis

    Harold Ramis Cast

  18. Photo of Percy Rodrigues

    Percy Rodrigues Cast

  19. Photo of Elmer Bernstein

    Elmer Bernstein Music

  20. Photo of Michael C. Gross

    Michael C. Gross Production Design

  21. Photo of Ivan Reitman

    Ivan Reitman Producer

  22. Photo of Leonard Mogel

    Leonard Mogel Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Ian Llande

    Ian Llande Editing

  24. Photo of Mick Manning

    Mick Manning Editing

  25. Photo of Gerald Tripp

    Gerald Tripp Editing

  26. Photo of Danny Antonucci

    Danny Antonucci Animation

  27. Photo of Vic Atkinson

    Vic Atkinson Animation

  28. Photo of Hilary Audus

    Hilary Audus Animation

  29. Photo of Colin Baker

    Colin Baker Animation

  30. Photo of Robert Balser

    Robert Balser Animation

  31. Photo of John Cousen

    John Cousen Animation

  32. Photo of Doug Crane

    Doug Crane Animation

  33. Photo of Joanna Harrison

    Joanna Harrison Animation

  34. Photo of Roger Mainwood

    Roger Mainwood Animation