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  1. I.Camera's rating of the film Heavy

    The quintessential 90s indie film, complete with a Sonic Youth soundtrack and musicians and models in working class cosplay. Pruitt Taylor Vince anchors the film as the shy, overweight Victor, smitten with the tall, elvish Liv Tyler in a dilapidated diner run by Shelly Winters. Its director may have traded up to superheros, but this would make a nice diversion during your Hal Hartley or John Sayles retrospective.

  2. Garcia Marcos's rating of the film Heavy

    Dans wikipedia à la définition de "MALAISANT" il y a un gif de Pruitt Taylor Vince et ses mouvements de yeux, en train de jouer aux cartes seul au fond d'un restaurant miteux dans le trou du cul des states. Un film lourd comme son nom l'indique, et très bien porté par ses acteurs (haaaan Liv Tyler), à voir en ayant le coeur bien accroché ou une boite de kleenex neuve.

  3. Ludovic72's rating of the film Heavy

    Rien à dire du côté casting : Pruitt Taylor Vince s'avère subtil et émouvant dans son rôle presque mutique ; Shelley Winters fait une "mère poule" fort convaincante ; Liv Tyler est évidemment craquante ; Debbie Harry n'a pas son pareil en séduisante râleuse. Mais ni l'image, ni la mise en scène n'ayant d'intérêt particulier, la morosité stagnante de l'histoire finit par ennuyer, par manque de rythme et de contrastes.

  4. dave gunn's rating of the film Heavy

    Subtle and bleak in a very real way, but hardly more interesting than actually people-watching at a bar.

  5. Hugo's rating of the film Heavy

    One of the most beautiful, delicate, sensitive movies I've ever seen. Pruitt Taylor Vince barely utters a word, yet he powerfully portrays one of the most realistic pathologically shy persons ever seen in a movie. Liv Tyler at her best, when she dared to make films like this. Dark but in a way hopeful, this one to remember.

  6. Scott's rating of the film Heavy

  7. Patrick Humphreys's rating of the film Heavy

    There's a reason people don't often make films about fat losers.

  8. Jelena's rating of the film Heavy

  9. supercar's rating of the film Heavy

    Maybe if this movie was called "Fat" it would still be in print. Kids could buy it for a dollar in a Walmart bargain bin, and watch it on dates, and laugh at the terrible awkwardness, making their own seem inconsequential...