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  1. Photo of Donatello Dubini

    Donatello Dubini Director, Editing, Producer Cinematography

  2. Photo of Cardo Dubini

    Cardo Dubini Producer

  3. Photo of Monique Indra

    Monique Indra Producer

  4. Photo of Barbara Obermaier

    Barbara Obermaier Screenplay, Director Producer

  5. Photo of Hedy Lamarr

    Hedy Lamarr Cast

  6. Photo of Jan-Christopher Horak

    Jan-Christopher Horak Cast

  7. Photo of Lupita Tovar

    Lupita Tovar Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Janitschek

    Hans Janitschek Cast

  9. Photo of Marvin Paige

    Marvin Paige Cast

  10. Photo of Jan Rooney

    Jan Rooney Cast

  11. Photo of Mickey Rooney

    Mickey Rooney Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Wrigley

    Maria Wrigley Cast

  13. Photo of James Loder

    James Loder Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Rodenburg

    Robert Rodenburg Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Lantz

    Robert Lantz Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Slen

    Peter Slen Cast

  17. Photo of Kenneth Anger

    Kenneth Anger Cast

  18. Photo of Arlene Roxbury

    Arlene Roxbury Cast

  19. Photo of Pete Giglio

    Pete Giglio Cast

  20. Photo of Robin Petts

    Robin Petts Cast

  21. Photo of Eric Root

    Eric Root Cast

  22. Photo of Fosco Dubini

    Fosco Dubini Editing, Screenplay, Director Producer