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  1. Photo of Joseph Barbera

    Joseph Barbera Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Hanna

    William Hanna Producer

  3. Photo of Johanna Spyri

    Johanna Spyri Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jameson Brewer

    Jameson Brewer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor Screenplay, Director

  6. Photo of Paul Julian

    Paul Julian Cinematography

  7. Photo of Lorne Greene

    Lorne Greene Cast

  8. Photo of Sammy Davis Jr.

    Sammy Davis Jr. Cast

  9. Photo of Margery Gray

    Margery Gray Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Bell

    Michael Bell Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Cullen

    Peter Cullen Cast

  12. Photo of Roger DeWitt

    Roger DeWitt Cast

  13. Photo of Virginia Gregg

    Virginia Gregg Cast

  14. Photo of Larry C. Cowan

    Larry C. Cowan Editing

  15. Photo of Pat Foley

    Pat Foley Editing

  16. Photo of Jayne Barbera

    Jayne Barbera Production Design

  17. Photo of Hoyt Curtin

    Hoyt Curtin Music

  18. Photo of Hal Ambro

    Hal Ambro Animation

  19. Photo of Bob Bachman

    Bob Bachman Animation

  20. Photo of Chuck Downs

    Chuck Downs Animation

  21. Photo of Marija Miletic Dail

    Marija Miletic Dail Animation

  22. Photo of Martin Strudler

    Martin Strudler Animation

  23. Photo of Terry Moore

    Terry Moore Sound

  24. Photo of Richard Olson

    Richard Olson Sound