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  1. Photo of Edgar Reitz

    Edgar Reitz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Thomas Brussig

    Thomas Brussig Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henry Arnold

    Henry Arnold Cast

  4. Photo of Salome Kammer

    Salome Kammer Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Kausch

    Michael Kausch Cast

  6. Photo of Patrick Mayer

    Patrick Mayer Cast

  7. Photo of Matthias Kniesbeck

    Matthias Kniesbeck Cast

  8. Photo of Benjamin Krämer-Jenster

    Benjamin Krämer-Jenster Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Leonard

    Christian Leonard Cast

  10. Photo of Constanze Wetzel

    Constanze Wetzel Cast

  11. Photo of Nicola Schössler

    Nicola Schössler Cast

  12. Photo of Constance Wetzel

    Constance Wetzel Cast

  13. Photo of Uwe Steimle

    Uwe Steimle Cast

  14. Photo of Georges Delnon

    Georges Delnon Cast

  15. Photo of Rainer Guldener

    Rainer Guldener Cast

  16. Photo of Tom Quaas

    Tom Quaas Cast

  17. Photo of Larissa Iwlewa

    Larissa Iwlewa Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Götz

    Peter Götz Cast

  19. Photo of Rudolf Wessely

    Rudolf Wessely Cast

  20. Photo of Antje Brauner

    Antje Brauner Cast

  21. Photo of Peter Schneider

    Peter Schneider Cast

  22. Photo of Heiko Senst

    Heiko Senst Cast

  23. Photo of Julia Prochnow

    Julia Prochnow Cast

  24. Photo of Karen Hempel

    Karen Hempel Cast

  25. Photo of Christian Reitz

    Christian Reitz Cinematography

  26. Photo of Thomas Mauch

    Thomas Mauch Cinematography

  27. Photo of Nikos Mamangakis

    Nikos Mamangakis Music

  28. Photo of Michael Riessler

    Michael Riessler Music

  29. Photo of Michael Fechner

    Michael Fechner Production Design

  30. Photo of Robert Busch

    Robert Busch Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Suzanne Harmann

    Suzanne Harmann Editing

  32. Photo of Rosemarie Hettmann

    Rosemarie Hettmann Costume Design