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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Rui Oliveira's rating of the film Helen

    Good film about depression and how it can change a hole life. Amazing performance by Ashley Judd.

  2. raggiodisole's rating of the film Helen

    An affecting portrait of the ravages of mental illness Its not for everyone, just like the symptoms

  3. Sian Erica Richards's rating of the film Helen

    The acting is impeccable but you will want to kill yourself.

  4. Hollie Blanchard's rating of the film Helen

    Not very true to reality for the majority people with mental health problems. Nice she can take care of her brows though eh.. :-|

  5. Anna Sebastian's rating of the film Helen

    This film has brought issues surrounding mental illness to an utterly romanticised and grossly exagurated point; the prince and the pauper depiction, the decor, et al. Whereas I feel that an accurate portrayal of mental health is much needed within contemporary film to create understanding and acceptance. This is not it. a disappointment and only half way in. is it worth continuing?

  6. Rob vincent's rating of the film Helen

    The only way I endured this utter bollocks was to imagine that it was the delusional fantasy of one of the characters. Prone to the romantic notion that they are an accomplished pianist, married to that guy from ER who then goes tragically and poignantly mad while other characters read poetry them. By the sea. Or in the loft they share with the young blonde they've had a secret thing for the past week or so. Dire.

  7. JOHN ATHERTON's rating of the film Helen

    Interesting portrait of the illness of depression and value of people just being there without judging.

  8. chazell's rating of the film Helen

    watched the wrong film called 'helen' didn't i

  9. Joel's rating of the film Helen

    The recent trend in accurate(as in lacking vivance, the boredom, the lagging and sagging on of days) depiction of major depression in film is certainly a relief from the over dramatized depictions in the past, the only issue is it often trends towards low entertainment value, granted most of us on here aren't looking for that. I found it certainly compelling and informative, but nothing really stuck for me.

  10. Horror Whore's rating of the film Helen

    An accurate portrayal of Major Depressive Disorder. Very painful to watch. :(