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  1. Photo of Jose Henrique Fonseca

    Jose Henrique Fonseca Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Felipe Bragança

    Felipe Bragança Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernando Castets

    Fernando Castets Screenplay

  4. Photo of Beto Bruno

    Beto Bruno Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Eliane Ferreira

    Eliane Ferreira Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Eduardo Pop

    Eduardo Pop Producer

  7. Photo of Rodrigo Teixeira

    Rodrigo Teixeira Producer

  8. Photo of Walter Carvalho

    Walter Carvalho Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jorge Saldanha

    Jorge Saldanha Sound

  10. Photo of Aline Moraes

    Aline Moraes Cast

  11. Photo of Angie Cepeda

    Angie Cepeda Cast

  12. Photo of Othon Bastos

    Othon Bastos Cast

  13. Photo of Herson Capri

    Herson Capri Cast

  14. Photo of Orã Figueiredo

    Orã Figueiredo Cast

  15. Photo of Sérgio Mekler

    Sérgio Mekler Editing

  16. Photo of Waldir Xavier

    Waldir Xavier Sound

  17. Photo of Michael Semanick

    Michael Semanick Sound

  18. Photo of Berna Ceppas

    Berna Ceppas Music

  19. Photo of Marlise Storchi

    Marlise Storchi Production Design

  20. Photo of Rodrigo Santoro

    Rodrigo Santoro Executive Producer, Cast