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  1. Photo of Bruno Mattei

    Bruno Mattei Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claudio Fragasso

    Claudio Fragasso Director

  3. Photo of Margit Evelyn Newton

    Margit Evelyn Newton Cast

  4. Photo of Franco Garofalo

    Franco Garofalo Cast

  5. Photo of Selan Karay

    Selan Karay Cast

  6. Photo of José Gras

    José Gras Cast

  7. Photo of Gabriel Renom

    Gabriel Renom Cast

  8. Photo of Josep Lluís Fonoll

    Josep Lluís Fonoll Cast

  9. Photo of Pietro Fumelli

    Pietro Fumelli Cast

  10. Photo of Bruno Boni

    Bruno Boni Cast

  11. Photo of Patrizia Costa

    Patrizia Costa Cast

  12. Photo of John Cabrera

    John Cabrera Cinematography

  13. Photo of Gianni Dell'Orso

    Gianni Dell'Orso Music

  14. Photo of Antonio Velart

    Antonio Velart Production Design

  15. Photo of José María Cunillés

    José María Cunillés Producer and Screenplay

  16. Photo of Isabel Mulá

    Isabel Mulá Producer

  17. Photo of Sergi Cortona

    Sergi Cortona Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Claudio Borroni

    Claudio Borroni Editing

  19. Photo of Romano Pampaloni

    Romano Pampaloni Sound

  20. Photo of Paolo Picchi

    Paolo Picchi Sound