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  1. Photo of Guillermo del Toro

    Guillermo del Toro Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mike Mignola

    Mike Mignola Screenplay

  3. Photo of Guillermo Navarro

    Guillermo Navarro Cinematography

  4. Photo of Ron Perlman

    Ron Perlman Cast

  5. Photo of Selma Blair

    Selma Blair Cast

  6. Photo of Doug Jones

    Doug Jones Cast

  7. Photo of John Alexander

    John Alexander Cast

  8. Photo of James Dodd

    James Dodd Cast

  9. Photo of Seth MacFarlane

    Seth MacFarlane Cast

  10. Photo of Jeffrey Tambor

    Jeffrey Tambor Cast

  11. Photo of Bernat Vilaplana

    Bernat Vilaplana Editing

  12. Photo of Stephen Scott

    Stephen Scott Production Design

  13. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  14. Photo of Sammy Sheldon

    Sammy Sheldon Costume Design

  15. Photo of Luke Goss

    Luke Goss Cast

  16. Photo of Anna Walton

    Anna Walton Cast

  17. Photo of John Hurt

    John Hurt Cast

  18. Photo of Brian Steele

    Brian Steele Cast

  19. Photo of Roy Dotrice

    Roy Dotrice Cast

  20. Photo of Chris Symes

    Chris Symes Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Lawrence Gordon

    Lawrence Gordon Producer

  22. Photo of Lloyd Levin

    Lloyd Levin Producer

  23. Photo of Mike Richardson

    Mike Richardson Producer

  24. Photo of Santiago Segura

    Santiago Segura Cast