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  1. Photo of Bruce McDonald

    Bruce McDonald Director

  2. Photo of Pascal Trottier

    Pascal Trottier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Patrick

    Robert Patrick Cast

  4. Photo of Rossif Sutherland

    Rossif Sutherland Cast

  5. Photo of Luke Bilyk

    Luke Bilyk Cast

  6. Photo of Rachel Wilson

    Rachel Wilson Cast

  7. Photo of Peter DaCunha

    Peter DaCunha Cast

  8. Photo of Chloe Rose

    Chloe Rose Cast

  9. Photo of Sydney Cross

    Sydney Cross Cast

  10. Photo of Joe Silvaggio

    Joe Silvaggio Cast

  11. Photo of Adelaide Humphreys

    Adelaide Humphreys Cast

  12. Photo of Nicholas Craig

    Nicholas Craig Cast

  13. Photo of Stephanie Fonceca

    Stephanie Fonceca Cast

  14. Photo of Karlo William

    Karlo William Cast

  15. Photo of Aliyah Jhirad

    Aliyah Jhirad Cast

  16. Photo of Emir Hirad Mokhtarieh

    Emir Hirad Mokhtarieh Cast

  17. Photo of Norayr Kasper

    Norayr Kasper Cinematography

  18. Photo of Todor Kobakov

    Todor Kobakov Music

  19. Photo of Ian LeFeuvre

    Ian LeFeuvre Music

  20. Photo of Andrew Berry

    Andrew Berry Production Design

  21. Photo of Paul Lenart

    Paul Lenart Producer

  22. Photo of Frank Siracusa

    Frank Siracusa Producer

  23. Photo of Duff Smith

    Duff Smith Editing