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  1. Photo of Johan Bergenstråhle

    Johan Bergenstråhle Director

  2. Photo of Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle

    Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle Cast and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anders Ek

    Anders Ek Cast

  4. Photo of Siv Ericks

    Siv Ericks Cast

  5. Photo of Manne Grünberger

    Manne Grünberger Cast

  6. Photo of Nina Gunke

    Nina Gunke Cast

  7. Photo of Gerd Hagman

    Gerd Hagman Cast

  8. Photo of Keve Hjelm

    Keve Hjelm Cast

  9. Photo of Jan Molander

    Jan Molander Cast

  10. Photo of Toivo Pawlo

    Toivo Pawlo Cast

  11. Photo of Ulla Sallert

    Ulla Sallert Cast

  12. Photo of Håkan Serner

    Håkan Serner Cast

  13. Photo of Staffan Lamm

    Staffan Lamm Cinematography

  14. Photo of Roland Sterner

    Roland Sterner Cinematography

  15. Photo of Julius Jacobsen

    Julius Jacobsen Music

  16. Photo of Bengt Forslund

    Bengt Forslund Producer

  17. Photo of Lars Hagström

    Lars Hagström Editing