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  1. Cyrus Dayani's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Sports, patriotism, aggression, and violence thrive because society's group-think mentality doesn't wanna deal with it. This story isn't original but it's still relevant. Lots of isolation and darkness here as manhood (by society's definition) does a boy wrong - society is unfit to help.

  2. Jeff Heinzl's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    You can add this to the list of elegant films about minor league sports failure (with 'Sugar' the other key example). This film is more airless than 'Sugar' though, skeptical about the potential for sport to build community. Maybe you can chalk this up to the difference between baseball and hockey, immigrant of color and white working class, summer sport and winter sport, carpentry and animal slaughter.

  3. cscass16's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Gut-wrenching and unsparing. One of the few sports films to take a hard look at the toxic aspects of Canadian hockey culture and the disposability of young athletes within a system that encourages violence but is unwilling to acknowledge its consequences. A haunting film.

  4. Superfrog's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Too slow and disjointed for my taste. I am unsure whether it relies on the assumption that I must feel like I could have done it and be in the main character's skin. I just feel that we see the slow slogging of someone not given a second chance after an unacceptable mistake, which is still their choice.

  5. EdieEmm's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    I've never been the hugest fan of this type of relentless, gritty, aggressive filmmaking; there was always something irritating about the way it's popularly held up as the definition of 'serious' filmmaking. So it's an utterly fitting vehicle for an exploration of toxic masculinity, its effect on the boys forced to grow into men through its constraints, & the way it doesn't so much protect men as protect itself. 3.75

  6. Nick Potter's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Morose and tragic and quiet and haunting. This is my favorite thing about Mubi; I'd never have even known that this existed in the first place, and I'm so happy to have seen this little nugget.

  7. lou.'s rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Hard to watch. I skipped every single slaughterhouse scene, but I couldn't really find any violence in the young, quiet and sensitive guy: he lives his tragedy, fundamentally alone [yes, we all are, but still], abandoned from his friends and loved ones when he needs emotional support the most. Visually, the cinematography is powerful, the leading actor's performance is remarkable, the narrative affected me so deeply.

  8. Savygator's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    A slow moving movie with a lot of build up emotions in this troubled kid.Director Funk bring awareness to the harsh personality of hockey players. This film is not your average sports movie.I truthfully wouldn't recommend it,for me I think the F*** bomb was dropped way to much. Could definitely feel the emotion of the young hockey player and how he was dealing with his hidden anger that was affecting him off the ice.

  9. Zanna Walsh's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Jeez..I need a comedy. However, a little slow in parts, way too many shots where nothing really moves the story on. But, a wonderful central performance. I just dispaired for the boy. WTF did no-one talk to him, give him time, really help him. I wish it had been a story of young love for an older woman, because there was a definite connection at the begining. I feel sad. I guess it did its job?

  10. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Hard, tough, in-depth film about the untergang of a hockey player. Great film.

  11. fearraigh's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    It's a competent, handsomely made film whose only real failing is however a major one - after a bracing opening half hour, it loses direction and has trouble resolving the plot trajectory. Still, it's a decent effort (which is nothing like Haneke, in either content or style, despite what Mubi's blurb might have us believe). Looking forward to more films from Kevan Funk.

  12. padjo's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    dark but well put together and probably realistic. shows how easily our lives can fall apart when support systems are missing.

  13. msmichel's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Strong debut film from Kevan Funk mixing the testosterone of the Canadian past time and the traumatic aftermath of sports violence within the context of an 'art' film. Pretty successful if not a little dry and overbearing at times. The lead is captured well by young Jared Abrahamson with solid support throughout. The politics of sports are well captured in two succinct scenes.

  14. Federico D'Accinni's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    A slow-burning debut from Canadian director Kevan Funk, depicting a young man grappling with violence and its unexpected consequences. Visually stunning, HELLO DESTROYER finds in silence the perfect medium to tell its story in the most powerful and absorbing way.

  15. Cassandra Jiskoot's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    The mise en scene of this movie was absolutely fitting. Its a dark and gloomy movie, accompanied by grays and desaturated everything. It really emphasizes the main characters loneliness and the cold hostility he receives from others. He only wants to play hockey and he is genuinely sorry for his mistake but no one wants to lend him a hand for fear of a new incident. You can feel the chill just by looking at it.

  16. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Written and directed by Kevan Funk, this tale of an ice hockey player hung out to dry after a major incident on the ice is more akin to the films we have seen before that show Vietnam veterans returning to hostile welcomes. It almost feels like a documentary in places, features some great performances, and becomes utterly absorbing as the mental state of the main character starts to feel the strain of his situation.

  17. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    (3.5 stars) Sad and slow, but quite powerful at its core. Also a remarkably grounded performance by Jared Abrahamson. Restrained, quiet and full of inner turmoil and emotion. Really strong. This movie speaks to the way organized professional sports can build up a certain type of player and then chew them up and spit them out with utter ease and without regard to that person or their well-being.

  18. captainfez's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    SPORTSBALL IS FUCKED: a glacial portrait.

  19. nickolia's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Love this film. Write-up talks about it being a reflection of institutionalized violence. Hmmm - there is some of that but it feels less important than the questions of father figures and masculine culture around emotions and talking.

  20. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    A sobering indictment of toxic masculinity, like Gus Van Sant without the ennui. Would make a powerful (though daunting) companion piece to an adaptation of Chris Lynch's [far less sympathetic] YA novel 'Inexcusable'. The hardest thing for Tyson was he had nothing to fall back upon; had never been taught how to cope with being on his own. I really wanted the poor sod to reach out to his fellow slaughterhouse worker.

  21. DrFirestone's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Powerful, both emotionally and visually. This film exposes our brutal, bloodthirsty society and its hypocritical face. The silence is so unsettling but definitely speaks more than words could possibly do... What an amazing portrayal of exclusion and loneliness. Some characters are a bit stereotypical but so is life sometimes, I guess...

  22. Paulina's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    so simple, so silent, so sad, so beautifully shot, each frame reflect the character mood, very poetic portrait

  23. chloe's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    I know this was hyperrealism but I can't give more than two starts to a film I could only finish by skipping through it. I can see what it was trying to do but the awkward filming and broken narrative just let me frustrated and ultimately detached. it portrays the stark reality and isolation of the situation very well but once it's done that it doesn't do much more.

  24. Lena's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Sad movie with extremely beautiful setting and light

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