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  1. easypz's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Abrahamson: wow. Face/body lang tells all. Aided by dir. choice (love subtle boyhood pic reveal). BUT kid DOA. All stacked against, no way to resist. Granted no truth/grace to go down swinging & elevate tragedy. Crit of inst violence more cogent if disprop not near absurd (ex: abattoir is OTN symbol & OTT more abuse). Line btw tragic & bleakporn/indulgence. If stir deep empathy, do more than elegantly suck it dry.

  2. Sahand Mohajer's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    great feature film debut by the talented Canadian filmmaker. I see a lot of Steve McQueen influence in this one.

  3. anya_h's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Subtile, slow-movie taking time to set the mood, to show the bits and pieces, the fragments of a life about to get destroyed. All the non verbal half shown elements for a human tragedy keep you breathless for 112 minutes. Until the last most meaningful and dramatic sound to reveal the unseen.

  4. Jessica's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    This movie did a really good job at showing the viewer the main characters struggles without making it too dramatic. You could feel his frustration and anger which made it more realistic. The way it was shot is also incredible. The shot where the main character is in the background but he is in focus and his father is blurred out but closer in the frame looked really nice. Over all this was a pretty great film.

  5. karl's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Such a typical ending. Yawn.

  6. Dogville59's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    This film is not only a triumph in illustrating what is wrong with our violent society but harks back to the quintessential "just can't get it right" protagonist of the Canadian films of the 60's and 70's of which the prime example is "Going down the road". A welcome antidote to the ra ra heroes of American cinema "Hello Destroyer" and other Canadian films like it highlight problems in society and are realistic.

  7. Charlie Fairley's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    A simple, but excellent depiction of masculinity, or what some would deem masculinity. When male bravado spills over, the main character is left alone to deal with the consequences, with no support from friends, teammates or family. It shows a very real portrayal of a young man, unable to cope, or fit into society. A really interesting film, that offers up a different take on the 'jock' theme.

  8. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Testosterone. Teammates. Blood. Beer. Masculinity. Military. Scapegoats. Slaughterhouses.

  9. Blakevon's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Hello Destroyer takes an in-depth look at institutionalized violence in the sport of hockey, and its effects on the young men who play the sport. The movie follows the events that transpire after a hockey player hospitalizes an opponent during a game. The player is ostracized from his peers, teammates, and friends after the events when the accident is portrayed as a malicious act instead of your average hockey play.

  10. Loz Loory's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    4.5 A brilliant depiction of what happens when young people are trained to act aggressively to serve society's needs (be it in the military or contact sports, etc). The resulting confusion between "right" and "wrong" is devastating. The guys in the locker room look like samurai before a battle. Loved the silence that permeates his exile, perfectly depicting his childhood anxiety/fear of the great void of loneliness.

  11. Boyuan123's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

  12. Vinny's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    This, almost devastatingly slow moving, film raises a huge question to society. Director Kevan Funk tries to raise awareness that the stereotypical stoic brute personality that hockey players usually have is not something to be proud of. In this movie, a talented young junior hockey player critically injures another player while playing a game. Hello Destroyer isn't just another sports movie.

  13. PropheticHeine's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    In this movie, as with any movie I've seen on this site thus far, it provides a sense of realism and feeling that I haven't experienced. The director's well implemented lighting and music choices capitalizes the depressing tone and plight of the character, and its subtle ending also accentuates the overall scope of its intent. As well, the actor for the protagonist executes the character's role perfectly.

  14. Sergei's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

  15. Amy Madden's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    The cinematography of the film was very well done and the development of the main character had depth. I just didn't really enjoy the storyline personally.

  16. Pius Strassmann's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    wir werden systemen einverleibt, darin zerstört, dann ausgespuckt und haftbar gemacht. wir werden allein geboren, leben allein und sterben allein. wir kennen keine bedingungslosigkeit. wir hoffen auf freunde, bis wir erkennen, dass sie plus gegen minus aufrechnen und uns fallen lassen im kältebereich. wir sind nur zufällig noch nicht kriminell geworden.

  17. Eric Miller's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    This movie did something that most sports movies don't do which goes inside the business of sports. How one play or action can change your future. It took a true look at how semi-pro athletes live and are devoted to their game even if they aren't getting paid that much. The cinematography was outstanding you and the close-up angles allow you to feel all the raw and true emotions.

  18. Paul Rot's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

  19. astygianelysium's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    The most shocking thing about this film is its simplicity: it lays all its formal-affective techniques (most of all how the sound design conveys a depthless solitude) and never strays from its sense of patience. But I was utterly hypnotized, and haunted still by Tyson gripping the sink, all the emotion held by his fist and the water's drip. What masculinity renders unspeakable only the cinematic image can redeem.

  20. Kamran's rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Striking cinematography and understated performances drive this riveting debut about a Hockey player shamed for doing what he was bred to do. 87/100 - Excellent. (4.5)

  21. J. O.'s rating of the film Hello Destroyer

    Quietly tragic, unfolding with silhouetted faces and sparse dialogue. Focusing on fostering its heavy atmosphere, the vagueness in the story (at least off the top) felt pretentious and unnecessary - while cartoonish coaches and fathers felt condescending and laughable. Lead by a taut, powerful performance from Abrahamson, the film meditates on the role of a hero once it has been decided they're a pariah. Brutal.