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  1. Photo of Stefan Jäger

    Stefan Jäger Screenplay, Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Claudia Wick

    Claudia Wick Producer

  3. Photo of Angelo Berardi

    Angelo Berardi Music

  4. Photo of Piotr Jaxa

    Piotr Jaxa Cinematography

  5. Photo of Roman Vital

    Roman Vital Editing

  6. Photo of Georg Bringolf

    Georg Bringolf Production Design

  7. Photo of Laurent Barbey

    Laurent Barbey Sound

  8. Photo of Mona Petri

    Mona Petri Cast, Screenplay

  9. Photo of Stefan Gubser

    Stefan Gubser Cast, Producer, Screenplay

  10. Photo of Francesca Tappa

    Francesca Tappa Cast

  11. Photo of Hanspeter Müller

    Hanspeter Müller Cast

  12. Photo of Herbert Leiser

    Herbert Leiser Cast

  13. Photo of Kamil Krejcí

    Kamil Krejcí Cast

  14. Photo of Jannek Petri

    Jannek Petri Cast

  15. Photo of Urs Jucker

    Urs Jucker Cast

  16. Photo of Manfred Liechti

    Manfred Liechti Cast

  17. Photo of László I. Kish

    László I. Kish Cast

  18. Photo of Thomas Rechberger

    Thomas Rechberger Cast