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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Hello, How Are You?

    Sort of Rupert Holmes' song "Escape" transformed into a Romanian film for the internet age. Very funny. Often tender. Definitely travels into darker territory than the pop song did. Also includes the background plot of a young man talking his first shuffling steps toward maturity. Drags a little about 3/4 through but then pick up again with some unexpected turns.

  2. Dorin Moldoveanu's rating of the film Hello, How Are You?

    great cinematography goes well with the bad script & bad acting. I would recommend it to 40+ viewers.

  3. Ciprian Ailenei's rating of the film Hello, How Are You?

    I always hated the romantic comedy films made in Hollywood. This is exactly what this one is: cheap plot and a lot of cliches. Even if the action takes place in Romania, there are all of these cliches taken from the American culture which have nothing to do with the Romanian lifestyle. However, I really think Romanian cinematography needs more 'light' films. And you'll definitely laugh. Ok. At some point at least.