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  1. Photo of Howard Hughes

    Howard Hughes Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Joseph Moncure March

    Joseph Moncure March Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ben Lyon

    Ben Lyon Cast

  4. Photo of James Hall

    James Hall Cast

  5. Photo of Jean Harlow

    Jean Harlow Cast

  6. Photo of John Darrow

    John Darrow Cast

  7. Photo of Lucien Prival

    Lucien Prival Cast

  8. Photo of Frank Clarke

    Frank Clarke Cast

  9. Photo of Roy Wilson

    Roy Wilson Cast

  10. Photo of Douglas Gilmore

    Douglas Gilmore Cast

  11. Photo of Jane Winton

    Jane Winton Cast

  12. Photo of Evelyn Hall

    Evelyn Hall Cast

  13. Photo of William B. Davidson

    William B. Davidson Cast

  14. Photo of Wyndham Standing

    Wyndham Standing Cast

  15. Photo of Lena Malena

    Lena Malena Cast

  16. Photo of Marian Marsh

    Marian Marsh Cast

  17. Photo of Carl von Haartman

    Carl von Haartman Cast

  18. Photo of Ferdinand Schumann-Heink

    Ferdinand Schumann-Heink Cast

  19. Photo of Tony Gaudio

    Tony Gaudio Cinematography

  20. Photo of Harry Perry

    Harry Perry Cinematography

  21. Photo of Hugo Riesenfeld

    Hugo Riesenfeld Music

  22. Photo of Carroll Clark

    Carroll Clark Production Design

  23. Photo of Julian Boone Fleming

    Julian Boone Fleming Production Design

  24. Photo of Douglass Biggs

    Douglass Biggs Editing

  25. Photo of Frank Lawrence

    Frank Lawrence Editing

  26. Photo of Perry Hollingsworth

    Perry Hollingsworth Editing

  27. Photo of Lodge Cunningham

    Lodge Cunningham Sound