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  1. Photo of Maury Dexter

    Maury Dexter Director, Executive Producer, Producer

  2. Photo of Robert M. Jones

    Robert M. Jones Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Hank Tani

    Hank Tani Producer

  4. Photo of R.G. McMullen

    R.G. McMullen Screenplay

  5. Photo of James Gordon White

    James Gordon White Screenplay

  6. Photo of Kenneth Peach

    Kenneth Peach Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jeremy Slate

    Jeremy Slate Cast

  8. Photo of Adam Roarke

    Adam Roarke Cast

  9. Photo of Jocelyn Lane

    Jocelyn Lane Cast

  10. Photo of Angelique Pettyjohn

    Angelique Pettyjohn Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Walker

    Michael Walker Cast

  12. Photo of Astrid Warner

    Astrid Warner Cast

  13. Photo of William Lucking

    William Lucking Cast

  14. Photo of Eddie Hice

    Eddie Hice Cast

  15. Photo of Dick Bullock

    Dick Bullock Cast

  16. Photo of Jerry Randell

    Jerry Randell Cast

  17. Photo of Jerry Brutsche

    Jerry Brutsche Cast

  18. Photo of John F. Schreyer

    John F. Schreyer Editing

  19. Photo of Harry Reif

    Harry Reif Production Design

  20. Photo of C. Randall Berkeley

    C. Randall Berkeley Production Design

  21. Photo of Al Simms

    Al Simms Music

  22. Photo of Les Baxter

    Les Baxter Music

  23. Photo of Burdick S. Trask

    Burdick S. Trask Sound