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  1. Photo of Jacques Richard

    Jacques Richard Director, Screenplay, Cinematography Producer

  2. Photo of Henri Langlois

    Henri Langlois Self

  3. Photo of Henri Alekan

    Henri Alekan Self

  4. Photo of Catherine Allégret

    Catherine Allégret Self

  5. Photo of Jean-Michel Arnold

    Jean-Michel Arnold Self

  6. Photo of Christian Auboire

    Christian Auboire Self

  7. Photo of François Barat

    François Barat Self

  8. Photo of Raphaël Bassan

    Raphaël Bassan Self

  9. Photo of Claude Berri

    Claude Berri Self

  10. Photo of Bernard Boursicot

    Bernard Boursicot Self

  11. Photo of Marie-Charlotte Bridant

    Marie-Charlotte Bridant Self

  12. Photo of Freddy Buache

    Freddy Buache Self

  13. Photo of Raymonde Carasco

    Raymonde Carasco Self

  14. Photo of Pierre Cardin

    Pierre Cardin Self

  15. Photo of Françoise Carvilani

    Françoise Carvilani Self

  16. Photo of Claude Chabrol

    Claude Chabrol Self

  17. Photo of Jacques Champreux

    Jacques Champreux Self

  18. Photo of Michel Ciment

    Michel Ciment Self

  19. Photo of Daniel Cohn-Bendit

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit Self

  20. Photo of Henri Colpi

    Henri Colpi Self

  21. Photo of Hervé de Luze

    Hervé de Luze Self

  22. Photo of Jean Douchet

    Jean Douchet Self

  23. Photo of Max Douy

    Max Douy Self

  24. Photo of Bernard Eisenschitz

    Bernard Eisenschitz Self

  25. Photo of Lotte Eisner

    Lotte Eisner Self

  26. Photo of Philippe Garrel

    Philippe Garrel Self

  27. Photo of Farokh Ghafari

    Farokh Ghafari Self

  28. Photo of Jean-Luc Godard

    Jean-Luc Godard Self

  29. Photo of Georges Goldfayn

    Georges Goldfayn Self

  30. Photo of Romain Goupil

    Romain Goupil Self

  31. Photo of Hiroko Govars

    Hiroko Govars Self

  32. Photo of Laurent Heynemann

    Laurent Heynemann Self

  33. Photo of Robert Hossein

    Robert Hossein Self

  34. Photo of Léone Jaffin

    Léone Jaffin Self

  35. Photo of Miklós Jancsó

    Miklós Jancsó Self

  36. Photo of Valérie Jeannet

    Valérie Jeannet Self

  37. Photo of André S. Labarthe

    André S. Labarthe Self

  38. Photo of Richard Leacock

    Richard Leacock Self

  39. Photo of Maurice Lemaître

    Maurice Lemaître Self

  40. Photo of Roland Lesaffre

    Roland Lesaffre Self

  41. Photo of Renée Lichtig

    Renée Lichtig Self

  42. Photo of Serge Losique

    Serge Losique Self

  43. Photo of Jean-Pierre Léaud

    Jean-Pierre Léaud Self

  44. Photo of Marc Maintigneux

    Marc Maintigneux Self

  45. Photo of Marie-France

    Marie-France Self

  46. Photo of Frédéric Mitterrand

    Frédéric Mitterrand Self

  47. Photo of Pierre Moinot

    Pierre Moinot Self

  48. Photo of Maud Molyneux

    Maud Molyneux Self

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