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  1. 9DarkMistress2's rating of the film Henry & June

    Movie didn't captivate me enough to finish it.

  2. Richard Tines's rating of the film Henry & June

    a quick lounge in Henry and Anais' world, this triflet is emanantly watchable for anyone who enjoys proto-beat literature and libertinism...Fred Ward (!) plays Miller, and Anais (of course) comes across as charming as i've always imagined (fantasized) her to for the ever timely topic of the need to bring some passion and verve to life....

  3. Samiraa's rating of the film Henry & June

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Henry & June

    Evocation d'Henry Miller plus intéressante que celle de Chabrol, mais qui sombre dans la plate illustration et une imagerie érotique insipide...

  5. jaelaah's rating of the film Henry & June

  6. Zach Closs's rating of the film Henry & June

    Kaufman shoots for the moon once more in a messy, difficult companion piece to "Unbearable Lightness." Exploring the uneasy coexistence of empathy and perversion in the work of Anaïs Nin is about as ambitious as adapting Kundera. Compassion, admiration, envy, respect and hatred can all lead to sex -- Kaufman does explore both the erotic and torturous consequences of such relationships with intimacy and skill.

  7. ninfurs's rating of the film Henry & June

    nin's poetry and sensuality runs through this, perfectly.

  8. smndvdcl's rating of the film Henry & June

    A fair attempt to etherealise Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin. Tackling the life of times of two immortals of literature is tricky business. Nonetheless, characterisation is appropriately rendered in order to avoid acrimony amongst the existential collectives.

  9. João Rocha's rating of the film Henry & June

    Maria de Medeiros is perfect as Anaïs Nin

  10. Marina C.'s rating of the film Henry & June

    Felt incredibly proud of Maria de Medeiros in this film (she has the loveliest resemblance to Anais Nin and played her part wonderfully!); Kaufman seems to have a touch for the greatest cinematography moments of the film being while inside the car, while exploring without vulgarity and great sensibility the sexuality of these great writers and their muse

  11. Adriana's rating of the film Henry & June

  12. Giulia Bucelli's rating of the film Henry & June

    Grandi interpreti, grande sceneggiatura, grande fotografia. Un grande film biografico ad alto tasso erotico: cult la scena nella quale Anais balla per Henry in un provocante abito di velluto, e tutto ciò che segue.

  13. flori de cireș's rating of the film Henry & June

    "Be careful Anaïs, abnormal pleasures kill the taste for normal ones."

  14. La quinta luna's rating of the film Henry & June

  15. carolvidal's rating of the film Henry & June

  16. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Henry & June

    Terrific picture. Uma Thurman reminds me of Dominique Sanda in this film, for some reason. Maybe because they both play quasi-goddesses and they both have luscious lips. And what became of Maria de Medeiros? She was really wonderful. I think she was also a professional dancer which you can see when does her flamenco moves.

  17. rllr's rating of the film Henry & June

    I didn't like Kaufman's Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, he completely missed the point of the Unbearable Lightness book and my impression of Miller is clearly not the same as his. Kaufman must be my least favorite director of all time?

  18. CafeGradiva's rating of the film Henry & June

  19. Corina Mae's rating of the film Henry & June

    Anaïs Nin has got the talent to awaken you in a unique, elegant way. Kaufmans film about her intense affair with Henry, their passion for writing and their obsession with June is showing the artistic world of the 30s from a poetic, forbidden and vivacious prospective. The touch of old typewriters, the poetic language of the characters, flamenco-scenes, her seductive eyes... a stunning performance, great cinema!

  20. pinkwargasm's rating of the film Henry & June

    Thanks to this movie i started reading Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin

  21. Natasha Strungis's rating of the film Henry & June

    For some reason, I can't bring myself to like, or even enjoy this movie. I am pretty sure they had a wonderful script, but somewhere in between, Philip Kaufman couldn't bring the greatness of Nin's diaries to the screen.

  22. T. J. Harman's rating of the film Henry & June

    Probably Kaufman's best film. Fred Ward and Maria de Medeiros did amazing jobs bringing Henry Miller and Anais Nin to life.

  23. Z's rating of the film Henry & June

    A bold, erotic, intelligent, invigorating and finally wistful work of art. Kaufman dramatizes artists living unconventional lives with delicate precision. Henry and Anais take aesthetic succor from June's sensuality, decadence and frustrated torment. June suffers for their art. Hugo's monologue regarding his father and the carnival expresses something essential about childhood innocence and anxiety. Exquisite cinema.

  24. Matthew's rating of the film Henry & June

    I think that this film is underrated. Fred Ward is excellent.

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