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  1. Photo of Lorne Freed

    Lorne Freed Director

  2. Photo of Michael Langham

    Michael Langham Director

  3. Photo of George Bloomfield

    George Bloomfield Director

  4. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Play

  5. Photo of Douglas Rain

    Douglas Rain Cast

  6. Photo of Bernard Behrens

    Bernard Behrens Cast

  7. Photo of Mervyn Blake

    Mervyn Blake Cast

  8. Photo of John Byron

    John Byron Cast

  9. Photo of Eric Christmas

    Eric Christmas Cast

  10. Photo of Eric Donkin

    Eric Donkin Cast

  11. Photo of Thomas Donohue

    Thomas Donohue Cast

  12. Photo of Jacques Galipeau

    Jacques Galipeau Cast

  13. Photo of Jean Gascon

    Jean Gascon Cast

  14. Photo of Lewis Gordon

    Lewis Gordon Cast

  15. Photo of Amelia Hall

    Amelia Hall Cast

  16. Photo of Max Helpmann

    Max Helpmann Cast

  17. Photo of William Hutt

    William Hutt Cast

  18. Photo of Al Koslik

    Al Koslik Cast

  19. Photo of Guy L'Ecuyer

    Guy L'Ecuyer Cast

  20. Photo of Gaétan Labrèche

    Gaétan Labrèche Cast

  21. Photo of Heath Lamberts

    Heath Lamberts Cast

  22. Photo of Diana Leblanc

    Diana Leblanc Cast

  23. Photo of Barry MacGregor

    Barry MacGregor Cast

  24. Photo of Richard Monette

    Richard Monette Cast

  25. Photo of William Needles

    William Needles Cast

  26. Photo of Christopher Newton

    Christopher Newton Cast

  27. Photo of Michael O'Regan

    Michael O'Regan Cast

  28. Photo of Denise Pelletier

    Denise Pelletier Cast

  29. Photo of Briain Petchey

    Briain Petchey Cast

  30. Photo of Ken Pogue

    Ken Pogue Cast

  31. Photo of Leon Pownall

    Leon Pownall Cast

  32. Photo of Jean-Louis Roux

    Jean-Louis Roux Cast

  33. Photo of Marcel Sabourin

    Marcel Sabourin Cast

  34. Photo of Powys Thomas

    Powys Thomas Cast

  35. Photo of Tony Van Bridge

    Tony Van Bridge Cast

  36. Photo of Kenneth Welsh

    Kenneth Welsh Cast

  37. Photo of Kim Yaroshevskaya

    Kim Yaroshevskaya Cast

  38. Photo of Desmond Heeley

    Desmond Heeley Production Design