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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Rodrigo's rating of the film Henry V

    Jeez King Harry, TONE IT DOWN A LITTLE.

  2. Chris's rating of the film Henry V

    Kenneth Branagh was definitely right about himself getting hotter with age (but i'd still let his 1989 self and his 2016 self do literally anything to me)

  3. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Henry V

    I thought this movie felt a bit like a television production made by an actor-director who suffers from severe narcissism. Sometimes Branagh's performance was a little laughable. I mean sure it fits the whole theater frame but still. Yet it is not without merit. I am sure there are plenty people who'd enjoy this, the average rating speaks for itself.

  4. Howard Orr's rating of the film Henry V

    More mud, blood and betrayal than Olivier's version, or put another way, more "Chimes At Midnight" than "Alexander Nevsky". Branagh's take ruefully weighs the cost of blood versus glory indeed, but it has its moments of exhortation and glory, as befits the source material; Shakespeare's play was always about providing propaganda for the Crown and the emerging modern nation state instead of historical veracity.

  5. Sam Everett's rating of the film Henry V

    I didn't feel Branagh was the right choice for Henry the Fifth, I just didn't see him working in the role. The feel of the film overall was one of a stage production on screen, rather than a proper adaptation. Those tropes that work well on stage don't necessarily translate well to screen. The chorus (Derek Jacobi) was an unwelcome touch, who grew to grate on me with every appearance.

  6. Mark Desrosiers's rating of the film Henry V

    Hal's not evil, exactly, just a sad and sanguinary victim-hero of "adulthood" (note that the victory at Agincourt had zero long-term benefits for perfidious Albion). Branagh pulls off the plum gig (barely), but the real star here is Brian Blessed as Exeter: an immense badass with brains, teeth, and brawn. It's no wonder the camera often cuts to his merest facial expressions: young Branagh knew Blessed had his back.

  7. Tigrão's rating of the film Henry V

    Not as striking as "Hamlet" was, "Henry V" remains a stunningly good adaptation, enforced by an amazing direction. The Azincourt Battle scene was pretty damn good.

  8. swordofdoom's rating of the film Henry V

    The soundtrack contributes so much and stands alone as one the best OST recordings period... has already outlived the film (who was in it? that guy with the accent?).

  9. Dave's rating of the film Henry V

    I want historical epics like this to be rousing and inspiring. Shakespeare’s Henry V is most certainly that and Branagh emphasizes this throughout his interpretation.

  10. postscriptum's rating of the film Henry V

    arrepiante...o discurso antes da batalha decisiva... isto é ser Rei !